Kelly Ripa's Daughter, Lola Consuelos


Five years into their marriage Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos welcomed their second child, a daughter, Lola, into their already growing family.

Darling Daughter

Kelly Ripa's Daughter, Lola Consuelos

She had come right at a time when the country underwent a drastic change with 9/11 and spent her earliest years as a Gulf War baby. Her family had been very close growing up, and with that, you’d think that the recent effects of social distancing due to this global pandemic might have affected her in some way. But it apparently hasn’t, and perhaps that’s due to the idea that her mother enforced social distancing to some degree with the push towards growing up as fast as possible.

Social Distancing Before it Was Social Distancing

Kelly Ripa's Daughter, Lola Consuelos

Kelly Ripa was known for her infamous talk show wit and humor, but the one thing that she really was known for was teaching all of her children to socially distance from their parents right at the onset of adulthood. Not one to engage in modern-day helicopter parenting tactics, Ripa and Conseulos both decided to send Lola and her older brother straight off to college at as far a distance as humanly possible. Lola admits that this not only taught them both independence, but actually granted them the courage needed to survive the quarantine alone. But for Lola, her isolation was supplemented on a steady diet of social media with her college friends, mainly on mediums such as TikTok and NetFlix.

College and Adulthood

Kelly Ripa's Daughter, Lola Consuelos

Her mother’s belief in college as a path to adult independence has allowed Lola to explore her own career choices to land a major in music. Her brother Mark had previously graduated with a degree in film from the exact same alma mater. The family’s intense passion for screen and the arts hasn’t fallen too far from her part of the tree, and her appearance on her mother’s morning show has sparked her interest in such affairs.

Thanks to Kelly’s healthy dose of tough love, Lola has every desire to create her own life and not her mother’s. Her taste for home includes having one of her own and not living with her mother for free. Even her sparse appearances on Kelly Ripa’s infamous morning show speak volumes on the subject of her adult friendship with her parents. Her recent cooking segment involving a home-based recipe of cauliflower gratin for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Singer, Songwriter, Professional Video Star?

Kelly Ripa's Daughter, Lola Consuelos

Lola has carved out her own niche as a video sensation on Instagram. She recently published videos of herself singing a cover of Amy Winehouse’s «Back to Black» and some of her own solo works, among other things. This recent start in the music industry has caught the eye of a young man by the name of Tarek Fahmy, and now the two remain inseparable as a couple. Their love for each other remains strong, and her parents have supported the relationship, along with their only daughter’s continuous fight for the road towards independence. Her mother recently told the press that she has learned so much from watching her daughter grow and has gleaned much from relying on a network of friends for support and encouragement for the future herself.