12 Products Men Should Never Cheap Out On

A classic man always has good taste in his choice of stylish products. Quality products get better with age compared to cheap ones which deteriorate over time.Here are 12 expensive products for men that are worth their money:12/12Leather weekendnerThere is almost no place that a leather duffel bag will feel...

Breathtaking Examples Of Ruins Photography (Abandoned Porn)

Photographers worldwide hunt for opportunities to photograph long-abandoned places as the subjects of ruins photography. Far off the beaten path, these secluded, abandoned sites sometimes require a bit of a hike, some bribery, or maybe even a smidge of trespassing in order to gain access. And when you see the...

Are Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio the Ultimate Bromance?

In case you've missed the award shows this year, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio continued to win over the crowds with their budding bromance. Pitt lovingly called DiCaprio LDC and told him, "I would have shared the raft with you" during his Golden Globes acceptance speech. The pair have certainly...
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