Things You Didn't Know About J.D Harmeyer’s Wife


Jennifer Tanko is a prominent NYC make-up artist who is on the rise as a celebrity influencer on Instagram, but she is known best as the wife of J.D. Harmeyer.

She Has a Sense of Humor

Anyone married to JD would have to be able to laugh at themselves, as JD is the producer of The Howard Stern show and the couple has been picked on plenty. JD also pokes fun at their marriage from time to time, but it is all in good jest. Believe it or not, JD actually wrote his wedding vows with Howard Stern on the air.

She’s a Makeup Artist

Jenn is a makeup artist who holds a MAC basic certification along with various certifications in airbrush tanning, facials, and threading. She often offers makeup services for proms, weddings, special effects, and drag queens and kings within the LGBTQ trans community.

Before Her Makeup Career, She Was a Teacher

Jenn graduated from Towson University with a BS in sociology and then attended the University of Maryland where she earned a master’s in teaching and social studies. She taught for several years in Baltimore before changing her career.

Only 10 People Came to Her Wedding

Both Jenn and JD are private people, despite the outrageous banter on JD’s show. The couple is so private that it is not clear when they began dating, but it is known that they were married on August 25, 2018, in Las Vegas. The couple chose to elope and only ten people including family members were at the wedding.