What Most People Don't Know About David Goggins Wife


It’s no secret that David Goggins has a high level of dedication, as is proven by his time as a Navy SEAL and his commitment to becoming an ultramarathon runner. The thing is, that kind of dedication and commitment can be off-putting for some people, especially in a relationship. Keep reading to learn more about David Goggins’ fiancée and what their relationship is like, complete with a great story about David from his fiancée’s Instagram.

Who Is David Goggins Married To?

What Most People Don't Know About David Goggins Wife
Source: Instagram

An interesting thing that most people might not know when it comes to David Goggins is that he isn’t actually married yet. Instead, David Goggins has been engaged to his fiancée for some time now. David Goggins’ fiancée’s name is Jennifer Kish. It is unclear when the two planned to get married or whether or not that has already happened at this point.

While Kish doesn’t share the same passion for extreme fitness that David has, she does seem to do a great job of supporting his passion. At the time of writing, it’s unclear what Jennifer Kish does as a career or what she did before meeting David Goggins.

Living with David Goggins

What Most People Don't Know About David Goggins Wife
Source: Instagram

As you might imagine, things are a little bit different for those who live with David Goggins. His fiancée posted a hilarious and heartwarming story to Instagram a while back, detailing what it’s like to live with David and some of the things that the star athlete goes through on a day-to-day basis to achieve what he’s achieved.

The post starts with a picture of David’s feet, which are riddled with bunions from years of hard running. The more you run and push your body, the worse your feet tend to be. Jennifer Kish talks at length about how David’s feet look like this because of the rigorous running routine he holds himself to, making sure he gets out there and runs no matter what the weather, his condition or his schedule dictates.

Jennifer Kish also talks about how David Goggins lives by a very rigid schedule, waking up at the same exact time every day and having his protein shake at the same hour. After that, each day consists of 10 miles of running, stretching, work at the gym and more. In fact, Kish says she’s unsure whether David Goggins even knows how to use a smartphone or access social media because of his dedication to fitness.

Despite all this hard work and dedication, Kish goes on to explain how wonderful Goggins is and how impressed she is by his hard work, so it seems the relationship is in a great place.