Who Are The Hodgetwins Wives?


If you’ve ever been into health, fitness or bodybuilding, you definitely know the hilarious Hodge Twins. The Hodge Twins, aka Kevin and Keith Hodge are YouTube stars who made themselves famous around 2008 by posting videos fitness and comedy related videos. However, they’ve recently branched out under a new YouTube account called «Conservative Twins». They also launched into the stand up comedy and conservative politics worlds, sometimes being the topic of controversy. The Hodge Twins are both married, scroll on to find out about their recent lives.

Keith Hodge and Wife Elizabeth

Who Are The Hodgetwins Wives?

Keith and his wife Elizabeth got married in 2000 and are currently still married. They also have three children together. The couple is pretty secretive however about their private life, and details like their children’s names, ages or gender have not been released by them. However, based on an older Twitter account for Elizabeth, they do have an older daughter and two younger boys. In 2017 Keith released on social media that his wife obtained her American citizen.

Kevin and His Wife

Who Are The Hodgetwins Wives?

Unfortunately for us, Kevin is also pretty secretive about his private life. All that is known is that Kevin is married and has been for a long time, and he and his wife have four children together. Similar to Keith, Kevin’s wife also obtained her American Citizen in 2017 and shared it on social media. Both Kevin and Keith’s wives are believed to be of Mexican decent.

The HodgeTwins and Recent Controversy

Who Are The Hodgetwins Wives?

The HodgeTwins are not shy about their political views and for anyone who follows them on social media, will know that they are conservative and proud. The Twins support the likes of Donald Trump and Candace Owens, and dislike current US President Joe Biden.

Although many would describe the HodgeTwins as being African American, they themselves deem them to be black Americans, noting that they weren’t born in Africa and do not support Black Lives Matters. The Hodgetwins even have a venue of theirs cancel their show due to controversy over them allegedly making fun of a trans-gendered woman.