Who Is Dr Disrespect's Wife?


Who Is Dr DisRespect?

Dr DisRespect is a video game streamer. Of course, that isn’t his real name, which is Herschel «Guy» Beahm IV. Still, Dr DisRespect is the name that a lot of people know him best by. Regardless, said streamer has been quite successful, as shown by how his followership can be counted in the millions. However, Dr DisRespect’s career as a streamer hasn’t been unmarred by controversies. For example, there was the time when he was booted from E3 on June 11 of 2019 for continuing to livestream when he entered a public restroom, which resulted in his Twitch channel being suspended as well. Similarly, there was the time when he shared questionable media about the COVID-19 crisis, which mentioned 5G conspiracy theories in a positive light. As such, Dr DisRespect’s name shows up a fair amount in relevant news, thus making his personal life a matter of interest as well.

Is Dr DisRespect Married?

Who Is Dr Disrespect's Wife?

Apparently, Dr DisRespect was married even before he embarked on his career as a streamer. However, while he has shared some things about his life before that fateful choice, his wife has been much more private. As a result, she tends to be known as Mrs Assassin, which would be her online alias in much the same way that Dr DisRespect would be her husband’s online alias.

Who Is Dr DisRespect’s Wife?

Who Is Dr Disrespect's Wife?

Still, interested individuals do know some things about the couple’s relationship. For instance, Dr DisRespect revealed that he had been unfaithful in 2017, which was followed by a break in his streaming. However, the two seemed to have patched their relationship up, with the result that Mrs Assassin has since started showing up more in his streaming. Some fans have reacted to this in a positive manner, while others have not.

More recently, Dr DisRespect was permanently banned from Twitch on June 26 of 2020 for reasons that he claims are not known to him. After which, Mrs Assassin went on her own Instagram page to tell the fans that their outpouring of support had been heard by the couple. Since then, Dr DisRespect has returned to streaming, though he is now using YouTube rather than Twitch for obvious reasons.