Here’s How to Use and Enjoy Your Hot Tub in the Winter

Young woman in an open air bath while snowing

Here’s How to Use and Enjoy Your Hot Tub in the Winter….Winter is approaching and while it is considered a calmer period of the year when we sit in our warm homes and enjoy a beautiful snowy scenery through a window, why not actually go outside and just goof around in the snow with your friends?.

Even better, why not plug in your hot tub and just see how awesome it is to take a warm, bubbly bath surrounded by snow and ice.

It’s not just about entertainment, but a hot tub is a great way to warm your body and help prepare muscles for a workout or just relax after a hard days work.

The experts at Aqua Paradise agree on this, but they also presented some tips on how to best utilize your hot tub during winter.

Cover – the first line of defense

This is definitely a part you wouldn’t want to save money on. A good cover means good protection for your tub, both from outside elements and as means of preserving desired heat and water levels. The word you are looking for is insulation, provided by a cover that perfectly fits your hot tub.

Pay attention to the water level

It is important to closely follow the level of water in your hot tub and add more if necessary. The potential risk is that the water might freeze and cause damage to the tub itself.

Make sure the water is clean

If the tub is going to be used frequently during the winter, then you would also need to ensure that both water and filters are clean. It is particularly important to prevent any malfunction caused by dirt because it is much harder to repair stuff on very low temperatures.

Remember to turn the jets off

Jets blow air into water thus lowering water temperature, which is something you would want to avoid in an already very cold surrounding. You shouldn’t necessarily turn them off by any means, just use them less frequently than you normally would, and of course turn them off after you’re done.

Soak safely

It is important to realize that temperature difference between the water in the hot tub and the outside world is big and you should know that it is not healthy to stress your body by rapidly moving from extreme hot to extreme cold. In that sense, it is not recommended to stay soaked longer than 30 minutes per session, it is best to avoid any health hazards or shocks.

Bring water

Make sure you stay hydrated while in the hot tub. These are pretty extreme and uncommon conditions you’d be exposing your body to, so it is only smart to give it enough water, or any other warm beverage. Alcohol is not recommended due to the fact that it provokes dehydration and reduced motoric and cognitive functionality might cause some problems in this rather unique environment.

Escape plan

Every nice and warm bath in your hot tub outside in subzero temperatures has its end and you need to be ready to emerge from the safety of the tub and face cold reality. You should bring bathrobes and boots which you can quickly put on and seek shelter inside your home.


You can add many interesting Jacuzzi supplies along the way to enhance your experience and increase comfort levels. Place some heating sources on the way from the house to the tub, weatherproof rug is a great solution for your feet the second you jump out, you can also install some lighting options to add more to the overall magical atmosphere, etc. Experiment, be playful and make something unique.

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Updated: November 13, 2018 — 1:43 pm