These Are The Most Famous Kidnaps In History


Contrary to popular belief, kidnapping is not a modern-day crime. People have been getting kidnapped all throughout history, all over the world. However, there are no common reasons or motives behind the kidnapping. Some do it for revenge; others do it to get paid. The latter is one of the most common reasons behind kidnapping in modern times. The richer your family is, the better your chances are at being kidnapped and ransomed back to your family.

Talk about privilege, huh? Although, as history shows, even everyday people will get kidnapped, so do not hold your breath.

Once the kidnapper’s demands are fulfilled, the hostage is released. At least in theory. Sadly, there are numerous cases where people have been killed or taken for good. Therefore, we are presenting you with a list of 16 kidnappings that happened throughout history.

Some with happy and some with sad endings, but without a doubt the most notable in the history.