Brake Light Switch Problems and Solution

Mercedes-Benz Brake Light Switch Problems

Learn how easy it is to change the brake light switch on your Mercedes Benz. Brake light switch issues with Mercedes-Benz cars are the #1 problem that most owners face. Defective brake light switch can cause the lights not to turn on, therefore causing accidents and possibly get you in a middle of a lawsuit you could have avoided. A failed brake stop light switch may trigger the ABS, ESP, ETS warning lights on your dash, through your transmission into limp mode or now allow you to get the car out of park.

Common symptoms of a defective brake light switch.

  • Car stuck in Park.
  • ABS ESP ETS lights come on.
  • Can not move the shifter from Park to Drive.
  • Brakes Defective Warning on Instrument Cluster
  • Car won’t shift gears. Stuck in 2nd gear, limp mode.
  • Brake lights don’t work. (Brake light switch can still be defective even if the brake lights work. Checking the brake light operation is not a good test.)
  • ESP, BAS, ABS lights turn on. Car won’t shift properly. Stuck in gear.

Parts & Tools Required

To change the brake light switch on your Mercedes-Benz you will need a star torx bit set. You can buy a set on Amazon for under $20. One of our favorite sets is the Neiko 10071A 13-Piece Torx Bit Cr-V T-Socket Set.

A new brake light switch is needed for this repair. You could buy a new brake light switch at your local Mercedes-Benz dealer or if you would like to save money you can buy it online. Check out these listing on Amazon for Mercedes-Benz Brake Light Switch under $25. You will find listings from the most popular brands such as Beck Arnley and URO and even theGenuine OE brake stop light switch.

DIY Instructions: How to change brake stop light switch on a Mercedes-Benz

Step 1. Locate brake light stop switch

The brake light switch is located right above the brake pedal. To access it, remove the underside panel cover. Usually, the panel is held in place with 3 to 5 screws. Mercedes-Benz uses Torx head screws. You will need a Torx set such as this T-Handle Star Set. Some of the older Mercedes-Benz cars used Philips screws so check before you order a star screwdriver set.

Step 2. Remove panel

Once you remove all the screws, now you are ready to pull down the under side panel. In most models you don’t need to completely remove it, just pull it down so that you can access the brakelight switch.

Step 3. Remove the brake switch.

The brake light switch is located right above the brake pedal. It could be either on the front or the back of the pedal. In the W211 E-Class, it is on the front. In the older W210 E-Class, it is located in the back on the back of the pedal. You may need to lay on your back to access the switch. To remove the switch, press on the locking tab and then rotate it clockwise.

Step 4. Install new switch

Once you remove the old brake light switch, unplug the electrical wires from it. Plug the wires in the new switch and install the new switch by twisting it counter-clockwise. Watch the following video on how to install brake stop light switch on an Mercedes-Benz E-Class .

Frequently Asked Questions

I replaced the brake light switch but the lights are still on.

If you replaced the brake light switch and the light is still you should check a few other things such as:

  • Fuses and Relays
  • ABS pump
  • ABS wheel speed sensor
  • Brake Fluid Level
  • Get an advanced scanner to read trouble codes.

How difficult is it to replace the brake light switch on my Mercedes-Benz?

Changing the brake light switch is easy. Follow the directions on this page and you can replace the brake light switch in less than 20 min.

How much does a Mercedes-Benz brake light switch cost?

You can find a replacement brake light switch for very little. Click on the Amazon link to find some of the best prices on Mercedes-Benz Brake Stop Light Switches.

How much does it cost to change the stop light switch?

At a mechanic repair shop it can cost between $120-$250. If you do it yourself, it can cost less than $20. You will save $100+ by working 20 minutes.

Where can I buy the brake light switch for my Mercedes-Benz?

You can buy the brake light switch at your local Mercedes-Benz dealer, or you can get an OEM Genuine Mercedes-Benz switch on Amazon.

Brake light is on. Is it the brake light switch?

Yes it could be the brake light switch. It could be other problems such as low brake fluid level or failed ABS wheel speed sensor. There is no certain way to know without first doing some troubleshooting.

Where is the brake light swtich located on a Mercedes-Benz?

Right above the brake pedal. If you remove the panel you will see the brake light switch as shown in the picture below.

ABS, ESP, BAS lights turned on. What should I do?

Try turning off the engine and remove the key, wait a few seconds and restart the car. That may solve the problem temporarily. Even though the problem could be multiple things, the brake stop light switch is the first thing you should inspect.

Which Mercedes-Benz models are impacted by the defective brake light switch?

This is a common problem on Mercedes-Benz models E-Class, C-Class, S-Class, CLS-Class, ML-Class, CLK-Class and other. Too many to list here but the most frequently defective brake light switch problems are seen with E 320 C 240 CLK 500 ML 320 ML 350 S 430 to name a few. Starting back in 1996 model years all the way up to the current models.

Can’t get car out of park, is it the brake light switch?

While the shifter module itself could be the problem, it is most likely that the brake light switch needs to be replaced.