How to adjust the headlights of my Mercedes Cla

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There are two major concerns caused by poorly adjusted lighting on your Mercedes Cla. Firstly, they can cause dazzling of other drivers or not properly illuminate the roadway because of too low a light intensity. In all cases, a bad fit can create a risk.

In addition, this problem can very quickly happen, for example, if you have chosen to replace your headlights. You will be able to awkwardly adjust the light adjustment. In particular to be able to install LED bulbs or change a defective bulb. It is therefore important to know how to correctly adjust the lighting of your Mercedes Cla.
In this way, given that the lighting on your vehicle allows you to see but also to be seen by other drivers, improper adjustment of the lights of your Mercedes Cla could be penalized by a Third Category fine which can be worth up to at 68 €. If you want more information regarding the fines related to traffic lights and signals, you can refer to the site below because it will explain everything you need to know on traffic light compliance rules
Note that the price for adjusting headlights can vary between 29 and 34 €.
In this way to avoid this we will teach you in a very simple way how to adjust your headlights yourself.
Important thing to know : this article does not concern the adjustment of xenon bulbs quite simply because they have the particularity of delivering a very substantial electrical voltage and that is why each manipulation must be carried out by mechanics.
For the adjustment of classic bulbs such as filament or halogen bulbs we will initially allow you identify headlights that require adjustment.
Then in a second step we will help you to to know if the headlights are correctly adjusted on your Mercedes Cla in order to validate the technical control and drive safely.
Finally we will guide you in the manipulation to simply adjust the lighting of your lights on your Mercedes Cla.

1- Identify the headlights on my Mercedes Cla which must be adjusted

Your Mercedes Cla is fitted with several front and rear headlights, but only a few of them need to be centered in order to ensure proper operation. In fact, the purpose of the low beams and the main beams is to see the roadway in the dark, so a good adjustment is essential.
In contrast, a brake light or a flashing light will not require alignment during their installation, quite simply because they have the purpose of signaling an action by the driver.
In this way in this article we will focus only on the low beam and high beam headlights on your Mercedes Cla. If you notice that a lighthouse is opaque, do not hesitate to consult our article: Opaque headlights on Mercedes Cla, what to do?

2-How do I know if the headlights of my Mercedes Cla are properly adjusted?

Now we will help you measure the height of the beam from your headlights.
This will allow you for example to know if your Mercedes Cla passes the conditions of the technical control or not.
Therefore the objective of this step is to indicate the marks on a wall. It will be necessary to draw two horizontal marks in order to control the height of the light beam

  • left height
  • height right

Following this step, you will therefore have drawn a horizontal line on the wall which will allow you to determine whether the light beam of the headlights of your Mercedes Cla is at the right level.
To do this, it is important to install the vehicle in the correct position in order to guarantee a good adjustment.

1- Position your Mercedes Cla to check the setting

  • The first step in relation to this is to park your Mercedes Cla on a flat terrain (avoid parking on slopes, not smooth, etc.), point the front of the car in the direction of a white or light-colored wall.
  • If you can 10 meters from the wall or because of a lack of space you can do the calculation at a distance of 5 meters but it will be a little less precise
  • Prefer to do the stage in the evening when the natural light is lower

2- Prepare your Mercedes Cla before adjustment

  • Tires must be inflated
  • Your vehicle should not be loaded so as not to distort the centering
  • Finally make sure in the passenger compartment of your Mercedes Cla that the position of the headlights is at Zero

3- Material necessary to calculate the lighting on my Mercedes Cla

    Bring the equipment below for the operation
  • One meter to observe the height of the headlights for your Mercedes Cla
  • A rule and or a level
  • A pencil or colored tape
  • A screwdriver
  • 4-Calculate the height of the lighting on my Mercedes Cla

    Measure the distance between the bulb of the low beam or the high beam with the ground on each side of your Mercedes Cla and transfer it to the wall. Make a landmark or you have the possibility of positioning a scotch tape.
    If the light beam exceeds the mark it indicates that your lighting will dazzle the other conductors.
    If on the contrary they are too low then you will have a limited brightness.

    Adjust the height of the low beam and high beam on my Mercedes Cla

    Therefore once the mark hung on the wall open the hood of your Mercedes Cla to adjust the headlights.
    Find the screw close to the optic and adjust by screwing from right to left to adjust the height.
    The objective is for the light beams of your Mercedes Cla to be just below the mark to sufficiently illuminate the road without dazzling.
    Once properly adjusted you can close the hood and do a night test.

    If you wish to go a little further in the maintenance of your Mercedes Cla, you can consult the other articles on the Mercedes CLA.