How to clean a tank on Mercedes C-Class 4?

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You want to keep your Mercedes C-Class 4 for the long term and to do so you wonder about the fact of clean the tank of your vehicle? In particular you would like to find out about advantages to do it but also on the way to do it. Indeed the tank turns out to be the first component of the injection mechanism of your vehicle which will allow you to supply it with fuel. So it’s really essential that it be in good condition inside your Mercedes C-Class 4. That’s why in this article we’re going to help you maintain your tank to best preserve the injection mechanism of your Mercedes C-Class 4 and thus its engine. We will start by showing you the usefulness of cleaning the tank of your Mercedes C-Class 4 but also how to do it and finally we will give you advice on how to maintain it.

Why should you clean the tank of your Mercedes C-Class 4?

As things progress water enters the tank of your Mercedes C-Class 4, but this produces rouille and corrosion . Indeed, although you are careful, when you refuel your Mercedes C-Class 4, you bring air into the tank. However, this air contains more or less water depending on the environment in which you are, in any case, due to the temperature differences, especially between night and day, this will create condensation in the tank. So this small amount of water will gradually stagnate at the bottom of the tank and cause corrosion and residue. You should also know that this phenomenon will be favored when you drive with the tank almost empty.

So regarding the maintenance of your Mercedes C-Class 4 it would be advisable not to let this problem last too long because it could to inject particles into the injection mechanism. And even if there is a oil filter dedicated to filtering these impurities and the water, the more the tank is damaged the more it risks plug the filter quickly enough. Therefore if the latter is no longer as efficient then the injection system will deteriorate more quickly. Moreover, in cold weather, water present in the mechanism could freeze et block the filter and the fuel pump therefore fuel will not reach the engine properly.

To synthesize cleaning the tank will allow you to extract the water, to remove corrosion, rust et the impurities that have formed over time. This will allow you to preserve the injection mechanism as well as your engine. Without that if the injection mechanism will no longer be efficient enough and your vehicle risk of grazing, avoir power losses and ultimately do not start again. For more information you can read the following tutorial: Mercedes C-Class 4 power loss problem.

How to clean the tank of your Mercedes C-Class 4?

Be aware that these repairs could be dangerous because you’re going to be handling a flammable liquid. We recommend that you perform this kind of procedure only if you have mechanical skills and tools required. Then you have to be well equipped with protective gloves, of eyeglasses to prevent fuel splashes and also that you keep away from all sources of heat.

Then the tank is installed on the back of your vehicle, therefore in order to access it you will need to disassemble the rear seat of your Mercedes C-Class 4.

Clean the tank without disassembling it on Mercedes C-Class 4:

When you have access to the tank, you will be able to see the fuel pump which is installed above the tank. It will initially be necessary to unscrew to access the tank. Once this is done, it will be necessary to pump the fuel into the tank with a pump. Then rub the bottom of the tank with a clean cloth to remove debris. Finally, when you have cleaned everything you can add clean fuel, reassemble the fuel pump and replace the rear seat.

Clean the tank by removing it on Mercedes C-Class 4:

First of all you will have to access the tank by the back seat so that siphon gasoline to lighten the tank. So do the same procedure outlined above.

After that you will have to park your vehicle on a flat surface and you elevate. To do this, take a jack et a candle to make the elevation more reliable. When this is done, stand under the car and locate the screws that hold The reservoir. Also remember to spot the fuel filter hose that will have to be unplugged. Then as soon as you have examined everything and when the tank is practically empty, equip yourself with protective glasses, your tool box and start to remove the tank from its support.

Then, once the tank is removed, start with pour fuel residue. Put some degreasing in the tank, or even maintenance treatments planned for this in order to remove rust and debris. Leave on for the recommended time, on average 24 hours. After that you will have to clean with a high pressure water jet. When you have rubbed everything well you will have to wait again for the tank to be very dry before refueling.

Finally when you have degreased, rinsed and dried the tank you can put it back. Consider upstream rub the joints, you can also take the opportunity to change the fuel filter of your vehicle. For more details on the fuel filter we advise you to read the following article: When to change the fuel filter on Mercedes C-Class 4? but also Where is the Mercedes C-Class 4 fuel filter located? Finally add clean and quality fuel.

How to maintain the tank of your Mercedes C-Class 4?

In the future you can plan a maintenance of the injection mechanism at a professional, this will cost you between 40 and 80 euros. This consists of inserting additives using a machine in the system to preserve it.

Otherwise it is also possible to insert additives yourself into the tank to preserve it from water, rust and corrosion. But be careful to choose compatible products. Beforehand, we suggest that you keep yourself well informed, especially by consulting the service manual for your Mercedes C-Class 4.

To finish: The maintenance of the fuel tank on a Mercedes Class C 4 will be essential since it will allow keep the injection mechanism in good condition and therefore this will allow you to consume less gasoline but especially of preserve your engine.

If you want to go a little further in the maintenance of your Mercedes C-Class 4, do not hesitate to consult our other articles on the Mercedes C-Class 4.