How to move the seat of a Mercedes Classe Cls forward?

In this article we will once again focus on the small details of your Mercedes Cl Class, some operations may seem trivial or simplistic, however depending on the make and model of your vehicle the procedure may be significantly different.

Today we will describe you how to move the seat forward on your Mercedes Classe Cls , with this in mind, first we will teach you why it is essential to properly adjust the advancement of the front seat of your car, after that, secondly, the different methods to move the seat of your Mercedes Classe Cls forward or backward.

Why is it important to correctly adjust the forward motion of the driver’s seat of your Mercedes Cls-Class?

You can imagine it, have a correct driving position is essential in terms of safety, it is essential to have easy access to the pedals to be able to brake, accelerate and engage correctly. We can also mention the proximity to the steering wheel, if you ever want to manage the trajectory of your Mercedes Classe Cls well, moving the driver’s seat of your car forwards or backwards is necessary.

However, safety is not the only reason that should push you to make this adjustment with precision, driving comfort is also important , and, on long journeys, if you are ever improperly seated, you will quickly observe back pain, numbness, or stiffness in your muscles .

The two essential parameters to take into account in relation to the horizontal adjustment of your seat will be the proximity to the crankset and the tension of your arms in relation to the steering wheel. To reduce the lack of comfort due to driving as much as possible, it is advisable to distribute the pressure points of the body on the seat as much as possible, which is why it is very important to carry out precise adjustment of the seat.

The procedure to move the seat of a Mercedes Class Cls forward or backward?

We are going to focus on the driver’s seat of your vehicle, in reality, if there was only one to adjust it would be this one, it is possible that you want to adjust the passenger seat to free up space for a the legs of a rear passenger, be aware that it will be the same process to operate. If you are looking how to fold the rear seat of your Mercedes Classe Cls we invite you to take a look at our guide on this topic.

What device should you use to move the seat of a Mercedes Classe Cls forward or back?

First of the things to take into account, what is the manipulation in order to move the front seat of its Mercedes Classe Cls forward? It is very easy in practice, however cars have become very sophisticated and comfortable, so there are now a large number of settings that will increase your driving comfort but will not make your life easier when you want to change the settings:

  • Forward or reverse a manual front seat: If your Mercedes Cls-Class is not equipped with the electric seat option, it will be easier to adjust it, you will (depending on the series and the year of production) have two or three different options for locating the lever. seat forward adjustment. It’s usually a large lever under the front part of the seat , if not, you will have a side lever at the door on the side of the seat
  • Advance or reverse an electric front seat of a Mercedes Classe Cls: In the event that you are lucky enough to have all the options on your vehicle, you will be happy to learn that you will be able to achieve a much more precise adjustment of your driving position, even on certain finishes save it to create several user profiles if there are more than one of you using the vehicle. About the adjustment of the advancement of the electric seat, it is on the door that it happens, very close to the door opening handle, you should notice a block of adjustment knobs with a diagram representing the seat, the two lower buttons have the function of moving the seat forward and back. The two highest, the depth of the backrest.

The procedure for correctly adjusting the seat advance of your Mercedes Classe Cls?

Now that you have learned about the different buttons and levers that offer the possibility of moving the seat of your Mercedes Classe Cls forward, we will quickly teach you how to carry out a suitable adjustment so that you can drive safely and comfortably. :

  • Sit back in the seat
  • Move your seat forward or back until you can fully depress the clutch pedal without having to lift your pelvis off the seat
  • It is necessary that your leg remains bent a little so that the position can be maintained and be comfortable