How to remove the rear seats from a Mercedes Classe C 3?

You have probably already lowered the rear seat of your Mercedes C-Class 3, unfortunately that does not leave you enough volume for the things you want to put in it. This is generally the problem with small cars and medium-sized cars, which are very practical because they are very easy to park and handle, however, when you want to transport bulky objects it is more complicated.

Today we are going to expose you how to remove the rear seats from your Mercedes Classe C 3? In order to do this, to begin with, you will have to check whether it is possible to remove them on your model, from a legal and technical point of view. And then, we will explain to you the procedure to follow with first removing the backrest, then removing the seat of the rear bench seat of your Mercedes C-Class 3.

Can the rear seat of my Mercedes Classe C 3 be removed?

Am I legal if I drive without the rear seat of my Mercedes C-Class 3?

THE question that probably seems essential to you, are you allowed to drive a Mercedes Classe C 3 without the rear seat? If we think in terms of security, it is not ideal to drive without the rear seat because you disturb the weight distribution of the vehicle and therefore its handling. Therefore, we would rather recommend that you do not use your car every day like that. Some people want to remove their seats to consume less fuel , it will work however in the event that you want to leave your vehicle with only the two front seats, we would recommend that you rather declare it and change the number of seats on your vehicle registration document.

Otherwise, it would seem, from all the research we have done, that the only risk is in the event of an accident with the insurance that could backfire on you. In the event of a police check, the risks are minimal. Nevertheless , remember to reattach the rear seats of your Mercedes Classe C 3 for the technical control , which, if fussy, could cause you problems, even if the vast majority never accept the car as long as the seat belts are functional.

How do I know if the rear seats of my Mercedes C-Class 3 can be removed?

After seeing the legal side, we will have to tackle the technical part of the operation. It may seem complicated at first glance, however depending on the year and the finish of your car, you can remove the rear seats of a Mercedes C-Class 3, you will only have to locate the nuts and bolts, which depending on the year can be more or less difficult to reach. Be careful though, on some Mercedes C-Class 3 you can only dismantle the backrest. You can therefore prepare your toolbox because you will soon be able to take advantage of all this additional volume that your Mercedes C-Class 3 has to offer!

How do I remove the rear seats of my Mercedes C-Class 3?

It’s time to get to work, today we are going to show you in detail how to remove the rear seats of your Mercedes C-Class 3, we will first focus on the backrest which generally comes out first , and then the seat.

What is the technique for removing the backrest from the back seat of your car?

As we told you in the previous sections, on some Mercedes C-Class 3 you can only remove the backrest, because the seat is attached from under the chassis and is not made to be removed. You will have to dismantle them, simply take a look in the trunk of your Mercedes C-Class 3, once the backs are lowered, you will identify the seat attachment systems, all you have to do is equip yourself with the right tools and unscrew. Remember to keep everything well, and we invite you to take pictures before dismantling, this will help you when reassembling. If you ever don’t know how to fold the rear seats of your Mercedes Classe C 3, you can take a look at our guide.

The procedure for removing the base of the rear seats of its Mercedes Classe C 3?

Regarding the seat, it can be a little more complex, even if never in the majority of cases it comes apart, you have to make sure that you locate the fastening systems. For the vast majority of Mercedes C-Class 3 seats which fold vertically behind the front seatbacks, it is very easy, they are sometimes simply clipped on. For the others, the nuts are often positioned at the location of the passenger feet and behind the seats in the trunk (at times under the carpet).