How to reset the counter of the Mercedes Actros?

Published by Asacans | March 28, 2020 | Mercedes Actros | 0 |

You just realized annual maintenance of your Mercedes Actros and you would like reset the maintenance counter. Indeed, this could prove interesting for know when to perform the future oil change. Trouble, you don’t know how to do ? This is why in this article we will first explain to you by what means reset the counter of your Mercedes Actros after each oil change. Then we will tell you the distinction between an odometer and a trip meter. And finally if you wish, we will list the bespoke reset the counter on Mercedes Actros.

The technique to reset the trip meter on Mercedes Actros:

  1. Start the procedure by contacting your vehicle and without starting the engine. That is to say that it is only necessary to make a quarter of a turn with the key.
  2. Look for it button the maintenance counter which is located at the bottom right of the display number of kilometers.
  3. Press the button, you should see a count from ten to zero appear in the display.
  4. Stay press the button for the countdown time.
  5. After that remove the key contact and replace it for start the engine.
  6. In the event that the manipulation has worked the daily counter should be reset to zero.

If the drain indicator light stays on, perform the following procedure:

  1. Switch on the contact of your Mercedes Actros and without starting the engine in the same way as before.
  2. Push in as much as possible the accelerator pedal.
  3. Then press 3 times the brake pedal.
  4. Remove the ignition.
  5. Turn on the ignition to restart your vehicle.
  6. Normally the LED should deactivate with the others.

The distinction between an odometer and an odometer on Mercedes Actros:

It is important not to mix the odometer and daily counter. The purpose of your vehicle’s odometer to memorize the number of kilometers traveled by the vehicle since its construction.

On the other hand the daily counter or also called maintenance counter, just helps you know when to do your future drain. Or find out the range of your vehicle in the event that the fuel gauge is defective.

Therefore the odometer is the reverse of the maintenance meter is not meant to be changed. Be aware that in case you are trying to change the odometer number so as to sell your vehicle, it would be a breaking in and you risk a big ticket which can go up to 37 500 €. Therefore we strongly recommend that you do not perform this type of manipulation.

The usefulness of resetting the maintenance counter on Mercedes Actros?

Some Mercedes Actros have a light maintenance which will remind you to change the oil. And that’s enough practice because we can quickly end up forget to perform it and over time it could prematurely damage your vehicle in the event that maintenance is not carried out frequently. However this indicator light comes on when you have covered a certain number of kilometers because generally it is advisable to maintain your vehicle every 15 to 20 kilometers. Therefore if after maintenance, the meter is not reset, you will always have the indicator light on your dashboard. But it can be a little embarrassing, and especially it won’t signal you the future oil change to be done. Therefore it is a bit of a shame because it is quite useful. For more information on draining your Mercedes Actros, do not hesitate to read the tutorial below: price of an oil change for Mercedes Actros

Another advantage to resetting the odometer of your Mercedes Actros is when you have a gauge problem. Indeed when you are not able to know the quantity of gasoline that there is inside the tank of your vehicle, it is practical to have the possibility of resetting the counter to zero. Since it is possible to measure the average range of your Mercedes Actros depending on the number of kilometers driven, resetting the counter is convenient. So if you have problems with the gauge on your Mercedes Actros, do not hesitate to browse the tutorial below: Mercedes Actros gauge does not go up.

This action could also be useful when you want to rent your vehicle between individuals so as to control the number of kilometers traveled by the rental company.

Finally : resetting the counter to zero on your Mercedes Actros will be quite practical for respect the maintenance of your Mercedes Actros or also face a gauge concern. Therefore we advise you to do this procedure as soon as you need it, this will allow you to avoid circumstances where you try to remember the initial number of the counter and perform calculations.

To go further in the maintenance of your Mercedes Actros, we invite you to consult the other articles on the Mercedes Actros.