How to start a Mercedes C-Class 2 by pushing?

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Your Mercedes C-Class 2 fails to start ? And you would like avoid paying troubleshooting fees. It is indeed possible, depending on your breakdown, to restart a vehicle by pushing. To understand how, we will show you the starting operation of the engine and we will give you other tips for restarting your car when you have a battery failure. But to start we will tell you the method of restarting a vehicle by pushing it.

Start a Mercedes C-Class 2 by pushing:

You will first need to examine the malfunction of your car because this procedure will work only when you have a starter concern or a discharged battery. On the other hand, in the event that the malfunction comes from the ignition of the engine or the power supply, this will not solve your problem.

Examine the starting malfunction of my Mercedes C-Class 2:

It will be important to find out why your Mercedes C-Class 2 no longer starts because depending on your breakdown, it will not be possible to turn on your vehicle by pushing it.

Check the battery of a Mercedes C-Class 2 to restart it by pushing:

You have to start with insert the key on the ignition of your car but without turning it. Generally the lights on the instrument panel should light up.

  • If they do not light up or dimly in this case it indicates that the battery is discharged. This happens especially when you have forgot to turn off an accessory of your car, such as headlights, or an interior light. If you would like to have more details regarding battery concerns discharging on Mercedes C-Class 2 do not hesitate to watch the tutorial below: Mercedes C-Class 2 battery discharge problem.
    • In this case it would seem possible to restart the vehicle by pushing it.
  • If all the accessories work perfectly this indicates that the malfunction is not from the battery.
    • In this case it will be necessary to examine if the problem does not come from the starter because if the malfunction comes from the engine, this indicates that you will not be able to restart the vehicle while on it. pushing

Check the starter of a Mercedes C-Class 2 in order to restart it by pushing:

After this first check it will be necessary check the condition of the starter. For it, turn the key on the switch.

  • If you perceive a snap, that means the starter does not work efficiently enough to start the engine.
    • Here he will feasible to do restart the vehicle by pushing it.
  • On the other hand when you perceive a whirring this indicates that the concern comes from the engine for example a power supply malfunction.
    • Alors restarting by pushing will not work, you will need to call a convenience store.

The technique for restarting a Mercedes C-Class 2 by pushing:

To perform this kind of manipulation, you are going to need to be help, because it will take that a person manages the direction et clutch at the level of the car and another person pushes it. Otherwise, if you are alone, this may also be possible, but it will be more difficult and riskier. So we do not recommend it. Then before starting the procedure, we recommend switch off all accessories such as the radio, air conditioning, headlights and interior lights to use the car’s battery reserves as little as possible.

  • First try to position on a flat surface or even if possible on a slope.
  • Then switch on in your car without switching on the starter,
  • Remove the handbrake et press the clutch to start the second
  • Stay engaged
  • Make it slide the vehicle by pushing it, until it reaches a certain speed, approximately 15 km/h .
  • When the speed is reached, it will be necessary disengage gently, if you go too fast you risk stalling
  • This should do graze the engine et allow it to light up.

Why is it possible to start a Mercedes C-Class 2 by pushing it?

The operation of starting a Mercedes C-Class 2:

If you want to start your Mercedes C-Class 2, this one needs a certain amount of electricity for throwing the starter. The latter turns out to be a small electric motor which starts the engine. So to make this possible, drums Thu offers the possibility of storing energy in chemical form will be triggered when you turn the key on the car switch.

So you will have understood it, in case the battery is discharged you will not be able to trigger the starter and therefore the engine. But in the same way in the event that the starter solenoid is found to be damaged, it will not provide enough power to the engine to start it. Thus switching on while pushing the vehicle makes it possible to turn it on and produce energy usually supplied by the starter. This way when the car arrives at a certain speed and you disengage it will start the engine.

If you have regular trouble switching on your car, do not hesitate to consult the tutorial below if you want more details: Mercedes C-Class 2 difficult start

Other methods for restarting a Mercedes C-Class 2:

Starting a Mercedes C-Class 2 using a mobile battery:

When you have a battery problem, it will also be possible to restart your car with a mobile battery. You can buy them on online sales sites for around fifty euros. Before inserting the ignition, connect the + terminal to that of the battery and the — terminal to that of the battery . After that it will be necessary activate mobile battery et turn on your car by turning the key on the switch. Once the engine is started, switch off the mobile battery, remove the negative terminal after the positive terminal.

Starting a Mercedes C-Class 2 with cables:

A second solution for starting a Mercedes C-Class 2 which has run out of battery will be to connect your Mercedes C-Class 2 to another car with a battery in good condition. To do this, you will need to equip yourself with electric pliers. Then engine off, connect the plus terminal to that of the recovery vehicle. After connect the minus terminal of the vehicle operating on the body of the broken down vehicle. Start the recovery car in order to recharge the discharged battery, let it charge and restart your Mercedes C-Class 2.

To finish: a Mercedes C-Class 2 not starting without pushing it often reveals a starter or battery issue so we recommend that you fix this malfunction quickly enough to avoid damaging other components. If you want more details regarding the price of a battery for Mercedes C-Class 2 we advise you to read the tutorial below: renault Mercedes C-Class 2 battery change price

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