Mercedes B-Class automatic gearbox problem?

Learning to drive a vehicle is not always easy, and it can sometimes seem like a good choice to choose an automatic Mercedes B-Class, whether for simple comfort or for ease of use, this style of transmission is moreover more common. Nevertheless, although they may seem like the right chix, there may also be problems with the automatic gearboxes of your Mercedes B-Class. This is precisely the subject of our guide. First, we are going to detail for you without dwelling on the different types of automatic gearbox, then, secondly, what are the problems you may encounter with the gearbox of your Mercedes B-Class, and, finally, what to do to solve them.

The different types of automatic transmission in a Mercedes B-Class?

Gearboxes are known to be tough and easy to use, and yes, since you don’t need to use your clutch pedal and everything is electronically and mechanically controlled the life of all components. your clutch and your gearboxes is supposed to be much better.
That said, depending on the type of automatic gearbox on your Mercedes B-Class you will have more or less reliability, we are going to present them to you now:

  • Classic automatic gearbox: It uses a torque converter, which will have the task of ensuring gear changes, it is the oldest technology, although it is «old» it has known a lot. improvements in recent years (more speeds and better management of gear changes).
  • Robotized automatic gearbox: This is a manual gearbox whose robotic mechanism will replace the action of the driver. We find less and less of them on recent models because they are known to be very slow. There are also frequent jerks during deceleration.
  • Double-clutch automatic gearbox: This is the pinnacle of the automatic gearbox, it uses the same style of mechanism as the robotic gearbox, however by means of its double clutch, you will no longer feel any worries about lack of responsiveness, or increase in your consumption. They are in most cases fitted to full option models.
  • Continuously variable automatic gearbox: It’s the same principle as on a scooter, a variator will come to control the differences between the acceleration and the rotational speed of the engine, they tend to be particularly slow and lack responsiveness during the phases. acceleration of your Mercedes B-Class.

I have problems with the automatic transmission of my Mercedes B-Class

We now begin the section that probably interests you the most in this page, namely, what are the problems that you may encounter with the automatic gearbox of your Mercedes B-Class? As we told you above, in general they are more reliable than manual gearboxes, that said, find out below the main problems you may encounter:

  • Slippage problem on the automatic gearbox of my Mercedes B-Class: As we described to you a little earlier, regardless of the type of automatic gearbox, they tend to have poor responsiveness and to have inertia during acceleration. On the other hand, this problem is supposed to manifest itself only when starting your car and not when it is launched. If this sensation occurs too frequently, the clutch or the converter should probably be replaced.
  • I have the impression that a report from the automatic gearbox of my Mercedes B-Class no longer works or jumps: If you have the impression that your gears are no longer shifting or skipping on your Mercedes B-Class, there is a part that is most certainly the reason for this malfunction. Indeed, the solenoid which acts as a “switch” to engage the gears must not be working correctly, second option, it is possible that a speed or engine speed sensor is not working and is sending incorrect data to your gearbox.
  • I feel knocks coming from the automatic gearbox of my Mercedes B-Class: In the event that you perceive knocks when you rev ​​up or slow down, it is possible that it is your gearbox oil which has lost its properties due to its age, or a sensor which gives false data
  • The automatic gearbox of my Mercedes B-Class is leaking: Finally, if the automatic transmission of your Mercedes B-Class has problems with leaks, it is very likely that it is because of one of your oil seals which is in too bad condition.

How to solve automatic transmission problems on a Mercedes B-Class?

And to conclude this guide, we will try to present the Ways to fix automatic gearbox problems on your Mercedes B-Class. Find them below:

  • Oil leak on the automatic gearbox of a Mercedes B-Class: Find the source of the leak, and replace the seal in question, do not attempt to perform the procedure alone, opening a gearbox is not not an easy thing. It will take a few hundred euros, it is mainly the workforce that will represent a large part of the budget in this kind of repair. plan to consult our page on gearbox oil leaks on Mercedes B-Class.
  • Sensor problem: Whatever sensor is causing you a problem, you will have no choice but to replace it, the sensors cannot be repaired, you will need to budget from 100 to a few hundred euros depending on the difficulty access to the one you need to replace.
  • Squealing: For squealing problems on your Mercedes B-Class, you just need to completely drain the gearbox to gain comfort and preserve your gears.
  • The automatic gearbox of my Mercedes B-Class is slipping: In this situation, you certainly have a dead clutch disc, the clutch will have to be replaced, and on certain models you cannot replace it without carrying out a standard exchange of the gearbox, get ready to spend more than a thousand euros.

There are other automatic gearbox problems on Mercedes B-Class, such as electronic problems or pressure problems, but this list identifies the main ones, anyway, for such complex mechanisms as soon as you feel a problem at this level we advise you to go quickly to your car repairer.