Mercedes class B injector replacement price

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A strong smell of gasoline, loss of engine power, higher consumption and jerking impressions as soon as you accelerate, will often be indicative of an injector problem. So you would like to know the price of an injector replacement on your Mercedes Classe B?
The injection system is essential on your Mercedes B-Class because it will provide fuel to the engine. So when you recognize these symptoms we recommend that you go to a garage as soon as possible, because the longer you wait, the more it will cost you. In any case, know that an injector problem will not be trivial and will be expensive. This is why we are going to guide you to estimate the price of an injector replacement on your Mercedes Classe B.
We will start this article by revealing to you what is the injectors used for Mercedes Class B . Then we will refer you to find out when to replace an injector on Mercedes Classe B . And we will end up on the price of an injector on Mercedes Classe B .

What are the injectors for Mercedes Class B used for?

The role of an injector on Mercedes Classe B

The engine of your Mercedes B-Class is equipped with cylinders, usually there are at least four, however depending on the power of your engine this could be more. These are the cylinders that turn the engine, however for this they will need to supply an air-fuel mixture. The latter will be compressed and heated and this will produce the combustion which will give energy to the engine.

However, the supply circuit operates as follows, the fuel pump will send fuel from the tank, which will then be filtered using the fuel filter before reaching the injection system.
As regards the injection system, it consists of an injection pump. It will distribute the fuel under pressure and in a well-defined quantity in the common rail. This will feed each injector of your Mercedes Classe B. Then the injector will vaporize the fuel at a well-defined time within the combustion chamber.

To sum up : the injection system of your Mercedes Classe B is intended to provide sufficient dose fuel under pressure in the combustion chamber present in each cylinder of the motor.

The type of injection on Mercedes Classe B

Be aware that there are a number of injection methods. Non-recent versions often have a mechanical injection . However, being very fuel efficient, it was replaced by a electric injection . The latter works with the ECU which will measure according to several parameters the sufficient quantity of fuel in order to reduce consumption.
Then the injection could be direct or indirect . Note that the most common today is direct injection. Indeed the latter will allow the fuel under pressure to be inserted directly into the combustion chamber. Unlike the indirect which will insert the fuel into the intake manifold for gasoline or into the pre-combustion chamber for diesel.

Or indirect injection will consume more fuel nevertheless it will allow better combustion, therefore less emission of fine particles . And conversely direct injection will consume less but will be more polluting .

When to replace an injector on Mercedes Class B?

To be able to know if you need to replace an injector on your Mercedes B-Class, it is necessary to examine the signs of your car to distinguish the malfunction and therefore replace the correct part.

Faults related to the injector on Mercedes Classe B:

In general, when one or more injectors are faulty on your car, you will get the following signs:

  • Engine power losses
  • Difficulties getting started
  • Jerks when you step on the accelerator
  • Gasoline fumes

However, this often reveals that your engine is not sufficiently supplied with fuel.

Faulty injector: Dirty fuel filter problem:

Indeed, a first possibility is sometimes that the diesel filter of your Mercedes Classe B is clogged. Consequently, it is possible that it left particles clogging the injection system, in particular the injectors which can no longer function properly to supply gasoline to the cylinders.

Faulty injector: Problem with injector seals:

Also as and when the engine vibrations . it is possible that the connections and hoses which attach the injection system may wear out. Thus it is possible that the injectors leak because of the injector seals. These will need to be replaced to ensure water resistance.

Injector faulty: Malfunction of injection pump:

As explained above, the injection pump will distribute the fuel, therefore if it is defective, out of adjustment or if it leaks, the fuel will not be sent in adequate quantity in the common rail and the injectors will be affected.

When you are in this situation you will surely have black smoke coming out of your car because the combustion will not be optimized.

Faulty injector: ECU malfunction:

It is also possible that the injector encounters problems because the computer is no longer working.

Therefore if you want more details on malfunctions caused by injectors, do not hesitate to also browse the tutorials below which can help you.

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Finally, the injector malfunctions are numerous and you should know that they will generally wear out around 150 kilometers. However, this will depend on whether you often drive in town or if you take medium-quality diesel or if the fuel filter is clogged, this could clog up faster. We recommend that you maintain your vehicle frequently to prevent this.

Maintain the injection system on Mercedes Classe B:

In order to preserve the injection system as much as possible, we suggest that you regularly check the fuel filter of your Mercedes Classe B, use good quality fuel and avoid keeping your tank almost empty because this can create corrosion.

Regarding the fuel filter, this should be checked during the overhaul of your Mercedes B-Class, we suggest that you specify it.

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The price of an injector replacement on Mercedes Classe B:

The price of a Mercedes B Class injector

Usually the price of an injector is quite expensive, but you have several on your Mercedes Classe B. However, it is not necessarily necessary to replace all the injectors, they are independent of one another. You should also know that the costs vary according to the power of your engine which are not the same on each Mercedes B-Class.

For a part you will have around 200 to 300 € on online sales sites and excluding labor.

If with the details provided above you realize that the injection pump will also have to be replaced then the price will be higher, you will have to plan between 400 and 800 €.

Repair costs for an injector:

Be aware that before replacing an injector and if you have spotted the problem at the right time, do not hesitate to ask a mechanic to clean the injectors, the flat rate will be around 80 € on average in large garages.

Otherwise the change of the injection system including labor and parts included, will generally cost around 1000 to 3000 €.

We suggest that you do not do the manipulations on your own when you are not a professional. The injection system is very fragile and essential for the engine. If you inadvertently add dust or if the seal is not properly redone, this will have serious consequences for your vehicle. In addition to the possible damage, the injectors turn out to be put under a strong pressure and contain fuel which is a flammable element therefore handling must be done with great caution.

To conclude: a change of injector on Mercedes Class B will generally be quite expensive. However anyway we suggest not to wait because a malfunction of this kind could quickly lead to failure and you will get stuck.

If you want to go a little further in the maintenance of your Mercedes Class B, you can consult our other pages on Mercedes Class B.