Mercedes G-Class 3 brake fluid leak?

Certain components of your automobile are essential for its proper operation, and if we want to be really precise, essential for your safety and that of other users. Your braking mechanism is one of them, and if there is one component that must be in good condition, it is this one. In the event that you begin to experience brake problems, it is important to take care of them without delay, which is why our editorial team has written this text on brake fluid leaks on Mercedes G-Class 3, so that we can help you deal with this problem in the right way and correct it as soon as possible. To do this, we will first see the function of brake fluid, then, what are the causes of a brake fluid leak on your Mercedes G-Class 3, and, finally, the technique to repair such a leak.

What is the function of brake fluid on a Mercedes G-Class 3?

We therefore start our guide by briefly describing the reason for this famous brake fluid in the braking mechanism of your Mercedes G-Class 3. In order to fully understand, a brake mechanism works with a closed hydraulic circuit, more concretely , it is made up of rigid hoses which circulate the brake fluid which are pressurized by the master cylinder, and when you press your brake pedal, your brake fluid will compress and will start your brake calipers brakes so that they pinch the brake pads on your rotors. It is therefore important that you always have the right brake fluid level on your Mercedes G-Class 3, if you ever want to do this task, follow our tutorial on this subject.

Origins of a brake fluid leak on Mercedes G-Class 3

We now move on to a larger section to help you understand why you are experiencing a brake fluid leak on your Mercedes G-Class 3

What are the causes of a brake fluid leak on a Mercedes G-Class 3?

We are going to start by explaining to you the different potential origins of the leak in your Mercedes G-Class 3. Here they are below:

    • This is one of the most common explanations, after a hitch one of the hoses has cracked and therefore you lose brake fluid and pressure through this hole.
  • Master cylinder problem: A faulty master cylinder on Mercedes G-Class 3 can cause leaks on its various inlets or outlets.
  • Bleed screw in bad condition: As a general rule, this is something that happens when the brakes have been bleed recently, and it is often badly tightened.
  • Damaged wheel cylinder: Exclusively found on drum brakes, this part can leak and cause imbalance in braking.

How to identify a brake fluid leak on Mercedes G-Class 3?

We will now show you the different procedures and signals to interpret to be sure that you are the victim of a brake fluid leak on your Mercedes G-Class 3, find them below:

  • Brake warning light: If the ABS warning light on your Mercedes G-Class 3 is on, you must check the condition of your circuit without delay, do not hesitate to look at our dedicated article for all the procedures to carry out.
  • Imbalance when braking If your Mercedes G-Class 3 pulls to the left or to the right as soon as you brake, you may be the victim of a brake fluid leak.
  • A soft brake pedal: This is one of the easiest signs to interpret, if you have the impression that your pedal is really easier to press and that it takes time to return to its initial position, it is very likely that you have loss of pressure in your brake system.
  • Notice brake fluid on the wheels or in the engine block: It may seem logical, but if you ever identify brake fluid on one of these elements, you will inevitably experience a leak since this circuit is supposed to be closed.

How to fix a brake fluid leak on Mercedes G-Class 3?

The only option if you are the victim of a brake fluid leak on your Mercedes G-Class 3 is to go to your mechanic. If it’s small, check your level well and drive carefully to the garage, if it’s too big, don’t drive and have your car towed. Indeed, a general breakdown of your brake mechanism will lead to an accident. However, you have the option of carrying out some regular checks to limit the risks:

  • Check the brake fluid level from time to time
  • Bleed your brakes every 2 years or 40 km
  • Replace the brake fluid if you ever have the impression that the brakes of your Mercedes G-Class 3 are becoming “soft”