My Mercedes Glc Class is no longer moving forward, what should I do?

Keeping your Mercedes Glc Class operational is essential, in the event that you do not carry out regular maintenance on it, there is a good chance that in the near future you will suffer a major breakdown. It risks at least immobilizing the vehicle temporarily, or at worst, causing repairs that exceed 1000 euros, which can make your car good for breakage.

However, every symptom of malfunction does not mean that you will spend thousands of dollars on a mechanic. We will see today in this article, what to do in the event that your Mercedes Glc Class does not move forward?

For this, first of all, we will detail the different reasons for a Mercedes Glc Class which no longer accelerates. Then, after that, what are the procedures available to you to repair your self.

Why does my Mercedes Glc Class change gears but the vehicle does not move forward?

In order to help you solve your problem, the first step to take is to try to understand the origins of your problem. To do this, we will first try to help you identify the symptoms of your breakdown more specifically, then give you some tips on components which could prevent your Mercedes Glc Class from moving forward.

Identify in which situation your Mercedes Glc Class no longer advances

Before explaining the most frequent reasons that can generate a Mercedes Glc Class that no longer advances , you will have to carry out a more precise check so that you can assess the nature of your breakdown. Depending on the symptoms, you can more easily know the origin of your problem. For this purpose, there are some points to consider:

  • Burning smell when shifting or trying to accelerate : This is a symptom of a slipping clutch disc, you will notice a fairly identifiable plastic smell
  • A soft clutch pedal or noise when you depress it: In the event that you perceive that the pedal of your Mercedes Glc Class has lost resistance, there is a good chance that you are the victim of a leak in the master cylinder. You can take a look at it, if so, you should notice that the master cylinder is greasy or oily
  • You have trouble shifting gears or they skip: This is frequently the symptom of a worn clutch or a gearbox problem.

The most common causes of a Mercedes Glc Class that no longer accelerates

  • Right gearbox or wheel output universal joint worn: Gimbals are types of joints that transmit engine power. However, these parts are made of gears, and once the splines are damaged, a gimbal may spin freely. As a result, your Mercedes Glc Class will accelerate in a vacuum, however no power will be transmitted to the wheels. It will therefore not move forward. It is generally the right gearbox output universal joint which is the cause. In some situations, it is the universal joint of a wheel, however it is less frequent, because it is generally detected during the technical inspection
  • An electronic problem on your computer: It is less frequent, however it sometimes happens that an electronic problem prevents a Mercedes Glc Class from moving forward, it is possible that you have warning lights on your dashboard, you will have to take the vehicle to the diagnostic case
  • A dead clutch: This is the part which is most often the cause of a Mercedes Glc Class which no longer moves forward, and it is unfortunately not the least expensive repair The clutch is a toothed wheel which will bring the clutch into contact when you release the pedal the motor is the transmission. If misused, or just plain old, the clutch disc is said to become slick and slip. It therefore no longer transmits power to the wheels of your Mercedes Glc Class

What to do if your Mercedes Glc Class no longer accelerates?

To finish our article, we will try to enlighten you so as not to alarm you too much. Like the majority of people, your Mercedes Classe Glc must be used daily. It will therefore be essential to restore it. We have given you leads, but in the event that you do not have mechanical knowledge, we strongly recommends going to the garage to verify the diagnosis. These leads will help you avoid being tricked by a malicious mechanic or avoiding an overpriced quote.

If you ever have other concerns, than your Mercedes Glc Class no longer holds up, you can read our guide on this topic.

If ever you are only the victim of an electronic problem the repair can be less than 100 euros, it is a universal joint, you will have to count between 200 and 500€ instead, in the event that it is the clutch in this case, prepare to spend between 500 and 1000 euros. There are other possible causes which can prevent your Mercedes Glc Class from accelerating even if the gears are changing, however we have decided to present the main ones to you.