The preheating light stays on on my Mercedes A-Class

Le preheating warning light is always on on your Mercedes A-Class after startup? Logically you ask the question if it is it is dangerous to continue driving your vehicle. But also you would like learn more about your dysfunction before going to your mechanic . It is in order to do this that in this article we will start by detailing What is the preheating light for on a Mercedes A-Class . Then in a second step we will tell you the reasons why a glow plug indicator light stays on. And finally we will give you advice on what to do in the event that this light comes on on your Mercedes A-Class.

What is the use of the glow plug warning light on Mercedes A-Class?

Le preheat light is a light orange / yellow which could be represented by a spring placed horizontally . In reality the latter symbolizes the ignition coil .

Le preheating warning light is intended to alert the driver concerning a problem with the starting mechanism of your Mercedes A-Class . Gold this indicator does not target a specific part . So the cause of your failure will need to be diagnosed.

For you help you better discover the preheating system and analyze the reason why the warning light is on on your Mercedes Classe A, We have detailed lower its mode of operation when you switch on your car.

The operation of the preheating system of a diesel engine on Mercedes A-Class:

When the driver turns the key inside the switch, this will switch on the battery Thu has electricity . The latter will allow transmit electricity to the ignition coil . The latter goes second return high voltage electricity until candles. In the process, the candles will go off as a resistance and are going to start heat to high temperatures . This will give the possibility of heat the cylinders. These, once hot, will receive the air-fuel mixture necessary. So the mixture will increase in pressure with the compression and heat which will allow the combustion. This mechanism will allow start your vehicle’s engine in support with the starter.

The role of the glow plugs on a Mercedes Class A:

Le The role of the glow plugs is essential in the starting system of your Mercedes A-Class . It is in order to do this that it is useful to know a little more About that.

As stated above, it is essential that your engine warms up. However Cold this process will take a little longer. So it is in order to do this that the motors are fitted with spark plugs close to the cylinders. In most cases, these candles give the possibility of raise the temperature of the combustion chamber . Secondly, we must differentiate diesel engines, on which are placed glow plugs. The gasoline engines have spark plugs.

The difference between these two, is that on the diesel motor, they are not requested only when the engine is cold and that he has the need to be preheated . But once up and running, the diesel engine no longer needs it . In contrary spark plugs on petrol engine who are constantly used to complete the combustion of the gasoline air mixture . This reason is due to the fact that the compression of gasoline with air does not cause a temperature rise like that caused for the diesel.

Why does the glow plug warning light come on on Mercedes Classe A?

So you will have noticed the preheating system has various parts . Therefore, the raisons for which the seer stay on on the dashboard of your Mercedes A-Class could be various . It is for these reasons that in this post we have summary the origins most regularly encountered on a Mercedes Class A diesel.

  • La most common reason for a preheating hassle is an Glow plug damaged. If a candle no longer works properly , combustion chamber needs more time to heat up . So this delay the pace engine and lowers its performance.
  • Le intake throttle body who is in air intake charge may also be involved. In this situation you you will experience sharp drops in power in addition to the indicator light.
  • Like the candles work with electricity provided by the coil , it can also be a hassle at this level. If ever the latter no longer manages to transmit the current sufficiently to supply the spark plugs, the cylinders cannot be heated.

In short : the mechanism of a car is quite complicated . So it is often essential to take the time to have your problem analyzed by a specialist . Because a psychic can actually hide various worries . So these dysfunctions that must be analyzed directly in opening the hood of your car as well as with electronic analyzes.

What to do when the glow plug warning light on a Mercedes A Class?

Can we drive with the preheating light on XX?

As the preheating indicator light is orange cell indicated usually it is always possible to continue driving your vehicle . However, we advise you bring your Mercedes A-Class to a professional as quickly as possible .

If you ever leave aside this indicator too long you risk find different problems as:

  • Problems starting the engine of your Mercedes A-Class. And this phenomenon will for example be present when you want start under low temperatures .
  • It is also possible that your vehicle goes to safety with LED activation . This will result in you limit acceleration above a certain speed.
  • Moreover, in the event that the combustion is not optimized, to consume more fuel and you increase the emission of fine particles of your Mercedes Class A .
  • Over time it could cause problems in your engine . For example at of the car’s cylinders and of the injection system.

Can we make repairs to turn off the glow plug warning light of a Mercedes A-Class?

When your preheating problem comes from a spark plug that no longer works, it is possible to make the choice of make the repairs yourself.

Or we warn you about handling error problems . Undeniably, when you need to replace the spark plugs, it is advisable to change the 4 also. This aims to guarantee uniform wear on your engine . So in the event that you are not enough experimented and make a error in the assembly of the 4 to potentially can no longer turn on your diesel engine . Nevertheless the towing and repairs to will probably cost more one replacement at the garage from the start.

Finally : when the preheating warning light is on on a Mercedes A-Class after starting, this can be caused by various reasons. It could be a hassle of candles, butterflies, reels . Moreover, the repairs require some expertise because it affects the engine block . So now that you know more about how the preheating works . But also the causes regularly encountered . We you recommend deeply to consult a trusted mechanic . The latter may perform an electronic diagnostic et interpret symptoms in order to carry out the repairs appropriate to your failure.

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