When to change the brake pads on Mercedes AMG GT?

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Your Mercedes AMG GT makes a strange noise when you press the brake pedal ? Or you just care about maintenance of your vehicle? But you don’t know when to replace the brake pads? But the brake system turns out to be very important since it gives you the possibility to adapt your speed driving. Without that you will not be able curb soon enough and you’ll risk a collision.

In order to avoid this kind of circumstance, we will guide you on this article to know when to change the brake pads on your Mercedes AMG GT . Then we will explain to you brake system operation on your Mercedes AMG GT. And after that if you are interested we will contact you some tips on change brake pads on Mercedes AMG GT, in particular the price.

When to change the brake pads on Mercedes AMG GT?

Frequently maintain the brake pads on Mercedes AMG GT:

The brake pads of your Mercedes AMG GT are wear parts and it is necessary to maintain them regularly. You should also know that your car is equipped with eight pads, i.e. two per wheel. So it would be particularly advisable to change them in pairs as well as by axle. This means changing the brake pads of the front wheels at the same time and those of the rear wheels at the same time as well. Then we advise you to check them at least once a year or every 15 to 000 km because their lifespan is not infinite and riding with faulty brakes will be really dangerous. You should know that the front wheels will wear out faster because the braking force is running at 70% on these wheels therefore check them first.

Signs of brake pad wear on Mercedes AMG GT:

Add to regular maintenance, it is likely that you will detect signs of wear such as:

  • Noises as soon as you press the brake pedal
  • The light is on on the dashboard.
  • Low brake fluid level
  • You realize that the brake pedal becomes more or less resistance that originally
  • From vibration when you brake

So we advise you to check the brakes of your vehicle very quickly. If you do it yourself you can check wear indicator on the brake pads or visually compare the lining of the brake pad with a new one. Typically the pad trim must not be less than 3 mm thick. Otherwise do not hesitate to do it in a garage.

The consequences of limited brake pads

Driving with damaged brake pads will extend your braking distance. This is why when you are driving during bad weather or in traffic jam this could be dangerous for you and other motorists. It is also worth noting that when you do not replace the pads quickly enough, it could mock the brake discs and you will have to change them prematurely, but also this could damage driving assistance systems such as ABS.

Remember that when you have to do the technical control of your vehicle, it would be wise to check the brakes of your Mercedes AMG GT beforehand because they will not validate damaged brakes and you should have a return visit.

How does the brake system work on Mercedes AMG GT?

When you press the brake pedal of your Mercedes AMG GT this will activate the brake mechanism. The latter will propel brake fluid under pressure to each wheel. This brake fluid will put pressure on brake caliper who will push the pads, present on each side of the brake disc. In this way the brake pads will jam the disc in order to reduce circular movement, and brake your vehicle. Therefore as soon as you step on the pedal, the pad lining brake and the disc comes in friction, which will eventually wear out the materials. Finally each component will become less thick and this reduces the braking force.

This is why it is essential to maintain them well. You should know that this type of braking is not unique. To stop your car, you can use the Engine brake or hand brake . They don’t use the pads to brake, it’s another system.

Some tips for replacing the brake pads on Mercedes AMG GT:

The price of brake pads on Mercedes AMG GT

It is important to know that when you replace the pads it will be done in pairs, so it will be essential to buy at least 4 brake pads. Indeed, as explained above, it is recommended to change those of the front wheels at the same time to guarantee the stability of the brakes for the 2 wheels. Then know that it is necessary to change the brake discs every other time because they also wear out.

This way for the replacement of the pads without the discs count approximately 70 160 to euros according to the establishments. And for the complete change with the discs count approximately 180 300 to euros. We remind you that you can carry out brake maintenance during the annual overhaul of your car. If you wish to have more details on the price of the revision of your car, do not hesitate to consult the following article: price of an overhaul on Mercedes AMG GT.

We recommend having the maintenance carried out by a professional. Indeed the brake mechanism is a major component of your car, or if you have a collision and the brakes turn out to be the cause, it is necessary to be able to certify the maintenance by a mechanic.

Then if you have to choose the brake pads, we advise you to consult the service book of your Mercedes AMG GT which will provide you with the manufacturer’s recommendations as well as the dimensions of the brake pads.

En conclusion : Regular checking and changing of the brake pads is necessary if you want to drive safely with your Mercedes AMG GT. But also be aware that when you have a collision and the wear of the brakes turns out to be the cause, then your insurance may hold you responsible for it and you will therefore not be reimbursed by the guarantee. This is why you should remember to check the brake mechanism of your Mercedes AMG GT once a year.

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