When to change the shock absorbers on Mercedes Class A 3?

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You hear clicking noises at the level of the shock absorbers of your Mercedes Class A 3 but also you have noticed that it bounced when you switch from retarders? Where you want maintain at best your Mercedes A-Class 3 but you don’t know when to check et replace the shock absorbers? Anyway, it is essential to maintain this component properly because with shocks, it ends up spoil and when the change is not made on time, then it could damage other parts of your car. So first we will tell you when it is necessary to start check the shock absorbers of a Mercedes Class A 3 but also the average number of kilometers for the replace. Then we will give you tips for protecting your shock absorbers.

How to maintain shock absorbers on Mercedes Class A 3?

Checking the shock absorbers on Mercedes Class A 3:

Unlike mechanisms equipped with indicator lights such as cooling, shock absorbers have no wear indicator on your vehicle. So it could be difficult to know when to replace them because if you can see the symptoms of an out of service shock absorber, it means it is already dangerous to drive with your Mercedes Class A 3. This is why we advise you to have the shock absorbers checked about every 20 000 kilometers during the revision of your car. Be aware that it will not be possible to test the shocks on your own, it is necessary to use specialized machines to perform a correct test.

The average life of the shock absorbers on Mercedes Class A 3:

Generally a damper has an average longevity of 80 kilometers either approximately 5 years. More it will depend on the environment in which you drive and your way of driving. When you don’t slow down enough before an obstacle, or if you are in mountainous region or on deformed roads in the countryside, so the suspensions will be much more stressed and will therefore wear out more quickly than when you drive slowly in urban areas on smooth roads. Also the shock absorbers will be sensitive to large temperature variations.

How do I recognize damaged shock absorbers on my Mercedes A-Class 3?

Add to the regular maintenance of the vehicle, it is possible that you notice symptoms of premature wear. So to be able to know if the shock absorbers are in poor condition it is convenient to know the signs. For more information on out-of-service shock absorbers, we recommend that you watch the following tutorial: How to recognize HS shock absorbers on Mercedes Class A 3 .

Understand the role of shock absorbers on Mercedes A-Class 3 and why they wear out:

Be aware that the shock absorbers are wear parts. Your Mercedes A-Class 3 has four, one per wheel. They aim to absorb shocks of the vehicle when you are driving. This will allow improve comfort passengers in the passenger compartment. But also, this should allow reduce movement, to best preserve the components of the car, while ensuring good handling.

So its function is major and when you drive with the shock absorbers out of order, you risk having an accident.

Why is it important to frequently check the shock absorbers of a Mercedes Class A 3?

It is very important to don’t delay change shock absorbers on a Mercedes Class A 3. In fact, when your shock absorbers are in poor condition then you will have reduced road grip. This could cause road trips, aquaplaning, this also goes extend your braking distance et damage the tires prematurely of the vehicle. So a certain number of parts will be impacted and if you wait too long you will probably have to change more items and the cost of repairs will rise.

Also if you have to do technical control your shock absorbers must be in good condition, otherwise you will surely have a counter visit. So it may be useful to have them checked in advance.

Tips for preserving the shock absorbers of a Mercedes Class A 3:

Shock absorbers are parts that are quite expensive to change, this is why to ensure that you do not replace them before the 80 kilometers, there are a few Tricks to practice for keep the longest time possible.

Keep the shock absorbers on Mercedes Class A 3: Avoid overloading:

At first you must avoid overload cars. Indeed the overload on a vehicle will require more decompression force shock absorbers and so spoil faster. For example when you have added a roof box for the holidays, we recommend not to wait until the next holidays before removing it, especially since you will consume less when you are less loaded.

Keep the shock absorbers on Mercedes Class A 3: Soften your driving:

Thereafter it is necessary to do not drive suddenly, this will allow you to preserve your brake pads as well as your shock absorbers, because a brutal load transfer to the front during braking will apply the front shock absorbers. Therefore, in general, you will make savings. So remember to slow down gradually using engine brake before crossing a retarder. Also, to avoid as much as I can to roll over a hole.

Keep the shock absorbers on Mercedes Class A 3: Clean the car frequently:

Mud is also responsible for premature wear of the suspensions because when it dries it ends up slowing down the compression-decompression movement of the components. So if you ride on muddy paths remember to pass regularly the water jet for prevent mud from freezing on the parts.

Finally the salt water is responsible corrosion so if you live near the sea, it is recommended to clean the car more frequently in order to avoid this problem.

In short : it is necessary to properly maintain the shock absorbers of your Mercedes A-Class 3 because this will allow you to keep your vehicle in good condition and that he does not suffer additional shocks. For more information on changing the shock absorbers on Mercedes A-Class 3, you can consult the following tutorial: How to change the shock absorber cup on Mercedes Class A 3.

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