How to permanently disable stop/start



If you are fed up with having to remember to press the stop/start disable button every time you start the engine this mod is for you. If you like stop/start then read no further.
The stop/start won’t operate if the bonnet is open and this is detected by a small micro-switch under the catch mechanism. The switch is normally closed when the bonnet is up so it can be disconnected at the plug which is half way along the front panel. To simulate the bonnet being up a jumper needs to be placed over the pins and it so happens that a computer circuit jumper fits nicely. You can find these on old motherboards or hard drives withoption pins. Once this is secured and taped over to prevent water ingress the stop start will never stop the engine.

The switch also acts as an alarm trigger if the bonnet is forced open so be aware that the alarm will be affected.

I’ve only just done this and there may be hidden snags but so far nothing out of the ordinary has shown up. I’ll report back if any warning lights come on or fault codes are registered. I’ll also make sure that other alarm functions are still working properly.




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Follow up report:
I’ve put a few hundred miles on since doing this and I can confirm that there have been no problems. The engine never stops, no fault codes have been recorded, no warning lights.

Incidentally while checking the on board diagnostics I also checked the speedo calibration. It is optimistic by very close to the allowed tolerance of +10 percent at 40 mph. This is confirmed both by OBD reading and also GPS.



Just a thought. If it affects the alarm it could well be considered a modification by your insurers and any claim you made would be affected if the modification was discovered. When you consider that insurers will spend more time looking for ways to avoid paying instead of dealing with customer complaints is it worth the risk.

As for stop start the Note is the 3rd car we have owned fitted with it and the new one due in march will have it as well. Probably saved a cup full of petrol/diesel in about 8 years but all the systems have performed as intended (i.e.when all the conditions are met) and after a while you take no notice.

Drove an auto the other week fitted with stop start and that was annoying. For it to work you had to sit at lights etc with the footbrake on which is one of my pet hates in queues after dark.



As an E12 owner, I have the dubious privilege of having the start stop system.

Whilst most of the time it is fine, i.e. it either stops as intended or doesn’t stop at all, depending on whether the required parameters are met, I have noticed one issue with it.

Occasionally the engine doesn’t seem to stop immediately after bringing the car to a halt, but slightly afterwards, and sometimes, it seems to stop the engine just as I’ve started to depress the clutch ready to slip the car into gear to start moving again. And presumably because the clutch pedal is already moving, it doesn’t restart the engine.

So just as you want to move, the engine is off and its necessary to slip into neutral, then release and depress the clutch again to restart the engine.

Not a huge problem, but it can delay moving off from lights etc, with the added risk of the car behind hitting you because they assume you will move, or more riskily, the traffic gap you were about to move into has disappeared.

The above might not be exactly accurate as it happens quickly, and the reaction is instinctive, so by the time I get to think about it, the event has passed and doesn’t happen again for ages.