Reset Check engine light after service

Asked by RonTurrey Nov 27, 2011 at 03:47 PM about the 2001 Nissan Frontier 2 Dr XE Extended Cab SB

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

How do I reset the check engine light now that I have completed the service.

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avatar666 answered 10 years ago

1.)turn the key to the on position (do not crank over the motor. dont start the engine) 2.) wait 3 seconds. and then fully step on the gas and let go fully 5 times with in 5 seconds. (ex. wait. 3. stomp.stomp.stomp.stomp.stomp 3.)wait 6seconds. (not steppig on gas pedal) 4. FULLY PRESSS down on gas pedal and hold for about 10 seconds. 5.) the check engine light should be flashing. should be flashing 10times and stop a few seconds and then 10 and stop. etc. 6. hold down pedal again 10 secs. 7. release pedal. turn key off. 8. wait a few seconds and turn the motor on. check engine light should be gone.

Artinbama answered 9 years ago

Bad spark plug made my check engine light burn on my 03 Frontier. The kid at the parts store correctly diagnosed #2 plug misfire but refused to turn off the check engine light. New set of NGK Iridium plugs cured the misfire problem and was able to turn off the check engine light with avatar666’s very helpful tip.

kelsonlm answered 9 years ago

did not work on my 2001 frontier

Billy answered 9 years ago

On older models, disconnect neg battery cable for 24 hrs

FrontierSalvage answered 8 years ago

Just did what avatar666 suggested on a 2012 nissan frontier sv king cab, worked like magic once I got it right ( after a few tries ). have all my power back and my stupid check engine light / system disablment fixed after the dealership screwed me over by spraying fluid film on my brake spring hold down clips ( which I had to wash off with WD40 ), under the guise of a ‘ brake inspection’. the adage holds true — if you want it to work, learn to mechanic it yourself

FrontierSalvage answered 8 years ago

BTW, on the newer models, if you disconnect the battery, it doesn’t get rid of the problem I corrected with avatar666s method — less than 24 hours is temporary, more than 24 hours lasts about 3 days. beware of connecting the battery without the key in it, as I got a nasty shock when the alarm started to draw juice. stupid computer nonsense.

stern271 answered 8 years ago

Avatar666, this procedure for clearing code worked on my 2002 Frontier XE 3.3 liter.. Thanks .

tennesseeduke answered 8 years ago

avatar666 it work perfectly on my 05 Nissan Frontier LE 51000 miles.! 🙂 Thanks, Tennesseeduke

HarryPuckerbutt answered 8 years ago

This worked on my 2007 Nissan Frontier. Thanks

mmorand answered 8 years ago

Who’d a thunk. Worked on my 2009 Frontier. The light didn’t flash, but when I cranked it up, the Service Engine Soon light was gone. Thank you….

Troy answered 8 years ago

I have an 03 Frontier. I tried this 3 times. Not sure what I am doing wrong, but it did not work for me. I plan to take it to an auto parts store and have them run a check on it and see if they can turn it off for me.

211this answered 7 years ago

Disconnect the battery negative first then positive. Turnkey all the way until it feels like it’s going to crank and leave it. Leave it for five seconds and turn key back off position and pull out of ignition. Reconnect the battery positive first then negative start truck no light.

max32144 answered 7 years ago

I did what avatar 666 mention and it worked great on my 2006 nissan frontier (62500km) I did exactly what he mentioned and it worked good the second time. Thanks

02pathy answered 7 years ago

Reset my light after getting the code and now the SES light is intermittently blinking. Did the reset again and still got the same code as before 1 1 4 0 and still back to blinking again. Any ideas of why this might hapen? Does it really mean there is a serious problem with the car as I have read in other posts? The car is running normal.

afdjake89 answered 7 years ago

Worked like a charm first time. Avatar666 if you’re ever in the Boston area drinks on me!

Sminthian answered 7 years ago

I tried this for months on mine and couldn’t get it to work, then I thought how my car works and figured it out: FYI, if you have a manual transmission you need to hold down the clutch pedal also when you do anything with the gas pedal.

jstansbu answered 6 years ago

Worked first time on my 2004 Frontier! Thanks!

sunsation answered 6 years ago

Mine did not work s Avatar666 suggested but mine worked as suggested by 211this. I just disconnected the negative battery terminal first, then the positive battery terminal. Then turned the key until it is going to crank, keep the key in that position for 5 seconds and the pull it out. Connect the positive terminal first then the negative terminal. Make sure lights are off. Start the car and the Service Engine Soon light went off.

smithyG answered 6 years ago

My 2005 nissan x trail 2.2dci went into limp mode thanks to a bad cam sensor I changed it and it was still in limp mode I tried for days to get it out then tried what avatar666 suggested and problem solved so a massive thanks from me

Gerald answered 6 years ago

How do i clear the error code flashing on my audio system for my Nissan Hardbody

pjrj84 answered 5 years ago

Buy a cheap scanner. Harbor Freight has a 30 dollar one. You should do this to better understand why the light is on. It’s easy to hook up and operate and can be used on just about any car/truck with what is called a «can» bus. The bus is simply a standard used for signal protocol in numerous industries.

Atos_786 answered 5 years ago

It also worked on my 2003 frontier and I have a standard transmission. Didn’t touch the clutch. But I had to try 2 or 3 times to get it to work. Thanks

Wonchae answered 5 years ago

Wow! Thanks a million! The procedure by avatar666 REALLY worked for my 2005 Frontier 4 cylinder engine with automatic transmission! You are the greatest.

Deluxe_2202 answered 5 years ago

Worked as stated on my 2004 Quest. It did take several tries. seems that the timing has to be spot on so try varying the time after pumping the pedal 5 times to 6 — 10 seconds and it should work. My magic number was 6 seconds. Good Luck! and Thank You! to those who posted this procedure.

GuruVGPW answered 5 years ago

Thanks all- yes with a couple of tries and the 6-second timing, this worked great in my 2010 Frontier. My light popped up when I was low on fluid and , despite everything being normal afterwards, the light wouldn’t go out. So beware of the PO128 code-like the experts say, check the coolant level first (i.e. before replacing the thermostat)

rkmuggsy answered 5 years ago

Did not work on my 2001 Frontier. Tried many times.

GuruP88D answered 5 years ago

Worked on my ’02 supercharger. Avatar666, you are a genius!

Im_Ponzio answered 5 years ago

Worked on my 2011 frontier.

GuruZQCKM answered 4 years ago

avatar666. Thanks a lot for your help it worked perfect I am so very grateful . Your friend Jerry.

Kahuna58 answered 4 years ago

Worked! Thank you! (Of course this was after clearing the cause)

Michael answered 4 years ago

Thank everyone for the Tips! PROBABLY WONT BE GETTING THIS KIND OF TRUCK EVEN THOUGH IT MIGHT BE ELECTRICAL PROBLEM?After renting a car and putting 16,000 miles in 8 weeks. I had balled tires, so that made me switch to any vehicle they can off me. To sum it up..they gave me brand new 2018 Nissan truck only put 981.9 miles less than a week diagnostic light pops up. Smh ‍♂️.

Alicatzuma answered 4 years ago

I have the best idea take the cluster out remuve the little bulb put some black electric tape problem fixed

Jess answered 4 years ago

How do I turn off SLIP Light long enough to trade in my 07 ??

Joe answered 4 years ago

Thanks Avatar, it worked!!

Craig answered 4 years ago

Worked great on 4.0 in 2017 Frontier! Thanks

Gordon answered 4 years ago

Took about four tries but got it turned off. 08 Frontier 4.0L

GuruCN8VR answered 3 years ago

WTF! . It F**king worked. So that’s how you check engine light, by stomping stomp stomp stomp stomp stomping it out! Check my engine light now MR. Smog shop Sucks alot tail pipe.

GuruLBDX5 answered 3 years ago

After the reset you will more then likely need to drive your vehicle about 35 miles, then let it cool, then drive 35 more to pass emissions.

GuruS5X3T answered 3 years ago

Used Avatar666’s scheme tonite on my 05 Frontier and it did just fine, second try. Tks, yall! HarveyA

Avatar666’s steps do work. I have a 2011 Frontier and the Service Engine Soon light came on after I replaced the positive battery terminal and battery fuse. The above listed steps worked perfectly the first time — and I was REALLY skeptical. It’s like hacking a truck!

IncaCholo answered 3 years ago

Cholo. Nissan frontier 2003. I’d like to thanks everyone on this chat for trying to help one to another in a disinterested way. That’s is the difference between humans, given from the goodness of their heart. I did almost all the recommendation on this blog to be unsuccessful. Also change new spark plugs, Canister valve purge valve, new gas cap & a tune up (electrical cables etc..) Last night I did what ‘Billy’ recommended »On older models, disconnect neg battery cable for 24 hrs». Today I passed the inspection. Thanks everybody!