Nissan Intelligent Key Warning Light: What To Know

The Nissan intelligent key warning light must sometimes trick you into trouble thinking about it.

Just for you to know: Things like that happen occasionally, and perhaps there is not much of a problem for you to bother.

Let’s check out to see the meanings of these signals and how to troubleshoot such a nuisance to the eyes!

What Is The Nissan Intelligent Key Warning Light For?

Depending on the make and model of the automobile you are driving, the security light signal from the Nissan smart key might contain a variety of different indications.

In general, this light’s main purpose is to reassure you that the car’s security system is operational.

So do not rush to sweat out, anyway. Situationally, the hazard lights on the car’s instrument cluster may demonstrate a significant issue or simply be a pleasant confirmation.

Yet, if your automobile issues a key warning, it’s probably nothing major.

Here comes the deal: Nissan intelligent key warning light flashing will occur as your ignition switch is in the LOCK, OFF, or AUTO ACC states.

More specifically, you’ll see a green key light indicating that the ignition switch is ready in some older Nissan vehicles using the Nissan Intelligent KeyTM technology.

What if it is the blinking red key light that appears? In such a case, there is a chance the key battery is dead, or you may leave the key outside the car.

Nissan Intelligent Key System Warning Message Meanings

On many models currently on the market, the Nissan Intelligent Key TM’s control panel is equipped with one of the understandings as follows: no key detected, key battery low, key ID incorrect, or key system error: check out owner’s manual.

Key ID Incorrect

This indication occurs when an Intelligent Key is present but not able to be detected by the system.

There are three main reasons that can explain such a struggle. The first to come is because of the key fob’s batteries being dead.

Therefore, even when you are holding your key fob, the car will report that the key ID is invalid.

Under such a circumstance, simply changing the battery will solve the problem. Remember that a Nissan Rogue key fob is only powered by a 3V coin battery as you conduct your replacement.

Another consideration when the Nissan intelligent key warning light stays on to take into account is to see whether or not your key fob is sustaining damage.

You might need to replace the key fob as a result of this.

There is also a likelihood that your key fob hasn’t been connected to the car yet. If necessary, you can reprogram it as you do with the Chevy HHR key fob program yourself.

Key Battery Low

If your key fob’s battery has to be changed, the blinking key light Nissan Altima might represent “Key Battery Low to give you a heads-up.

Let’s say the Nissan intelligent key warning light car won’t start, or your key fob can’t unlock your car.

The computer keeping track of the output voltage of the fob’s battery will turn on the warning light whenever the voltage reaches a specific spectrum.

The best thing is that you may need no mechanics to fix this because the majority of fobs can be pry-opened to reach the battery.

The most suitable battery type and quick instructions for fixing the battery issue can be found in your owner’s handbook. The information is also available online.

No Key Detected

Two explanations could go along with this alerting message. The list includes your key fob battery being already dead and the key being left somewhere outside or far away from the car.

At this point, go grab your key nearer to the vehicle or replace the battery, and you are good to go!

Here comes a bonus on the side: Nissan advises removing the ID code of an Intelligent Key from the car if there is any chance you may have lost it.

That way, it might stop someone from using the Intelligent Key to start the car without authorization.

Key System Error: See Owner’s Manual

The Intelligent Key system may have a problem (another one different from those mentioned above) if you receive a “Key System Error: See Owner’s Manual” notice.

It may give you a sense that everything is just fine when you can still run the car.

Nevertheless, once the intelligent key system warning light comes on while the engine is in operation, the story is not that simple.

It is advisable that you get your system examined at the nearby authorized Nissan dealer for repair or some approved garage in your neighborhood for the best customer services.

What Conditions Will Damage The Intelligent Key?

When it comes to what situations can leave a bad effect on your intelligent key, there actually might be a checklist for you to keep a record of.

Have a look at the following notice so that you don’t fail to preserve yours:

  • Dropping the intelligent key.
  • Letting the Intelligent Key come into touch with water or salt. The system’s operation may be impacted since it has electrical components contained inside.
  • Hard collisions between the Intelligent Key and another object.
  • Leaving the Intelligent Key in a hotter environment over 140В°F (60В°C) for an extended period of time.
  • Letting the key get wet. Suppose that the Intelligent key is covered by water or other liquids; dry it off right away by wiping.
  • Adopting a key holder equipped with a magnet to secure the Intelligent Key. In other words, don’t let the key near a magnetic field (PC, TV, etc.).
  • Altering the Intelligent Key in any way without the assistance of authorized experts.

The Bottom Line

Above are details regarding what Nissan intelligent key warning light may and may not specify.

Now you have grasped thoroughly the circumstances you are dealing with, figuring out the most effective way to resolve it must no longer be a problem.

Hopefully, this article on troubleshooting your Nissan automobile’s nuisance can be of great help to you.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for our next updates!