Opel Insignia I Fuse box

Years of production: 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

Opel insignia is a mid-size car that has all the apt features for a family car. The German manufacturer Opel has provided some of the class-apart features to this car which makes it significant enough for any region. Specifically, this first generation was launched in 2008 at the British international motor show. It went on sale in October 2008. It comes in the segment of a four-door saloon car that has spacious and performance-oriented features.

Opel Insignia: First generation

The centre of attraction of this car is its safety features such as variable light beam distribution in width, direction, and range, gas discharge headlamps, Adaptive Forward Lighting – bi-xenon. Apart from these, it also has static cornering light and Advanced Front- Lighting System (AFS). Other than that the Opel eye system is capable of detecting road markings and end wheel driving, hence keeps the driver safe and sound.

When it comes to design Insignia has a 4.83 m (190.2 in) length and a wheelbase of 2.73 m (107.5 in). The variant that is known as the estate has longer trim which goes to .91 m (193.3 in) on the same wheelbase.

Apart from that in 2009, Opel launched a model is known as Insignia OPC, which is a performance-oriented upgrade in the same model. It is equipped with a 2.8 litre turbocharged V6. The engine in this car is capable of producing 239 kW (325 PS; 321 hp) and 435 NM (321 lb-ft). It comes with a six-speed manual transmission / six-speed automatic transmission.

This was one of the models from Vauxhall that has gained numerous awards and accolades. It has won approx fifty international and national awards in different countries. It was the best car in different countries such as Austria, the United Kingdom, and Denmark. It was voted2009 European Car of the Year, according to the German institute DEKRA it was the car with the least number of flaws. The EuroNCAP provided this with a five-star rating.

Engine compartment fuse box

The fuse box is in the front left of the engine compartment.

Disengage the cover, lift it upwards and remove.

No. Circuit
1 Transmission control module
2 Engine control module
5 Ignition, Transmission control module, Engine control module
6 Windscreen wiper
8 Fuel injection, ignition system
9 Fuel injection, ignition system
10 Engine control module
11 Lambda probe
12 Starter
13 Sensor throttle heating
14 Lighting
15 Rear window wiper
16 Vacuum pump, mass air flow meter, water in fuel sensor, DC transformer
18 Adaptive forward lighting
19 Adaptive forward lighting
20 Fuel pump
21 Rear power windows
22 ABS
23 Variable effort steering
24 Front power windows
25 Power outlets
26 ABS
27 Electric parking brake
28 Heated rear window
29 Left power seat
30 Right power seat
31 Air conditioning system
32 Body control module
33 Heated front seats
34 Sunroof
35 Infotainment system
37 Right high beam
38 Left high beam
41 Vacuum pump
42 Radiator fan
43 Vehicle battery, DC transformer (only on vehicles with stop-start system)
44 Headlamp washer system
45 Radiator fan
46 Terminal 87, main relay
47 Lambda probe
48 Fog lights
49 Right low beam
50 Left low beam
51 Horn
52 Ignition
53 Ignition, ventilated front seats
54 Ignition
55 Power windows, mirrorfolding
56 Windscreen washer
59 Diesel fuel heating, emission control system
60 Mirror heating
61 Mirror heating
63 Rear window sensor
64 Adaptive forward lighting
65 Auxiliary pump (only on vehicles with stop-start system)
66 Rear window washer system
67 Fuel system control module
69 Vehicle battery sensor
70 Rain sensor
71 Vehicle battery sensor

After changing of defective fuses close the fuse box cover and press until it engages.

If the fuse box cover is not closed correctly, malfunctions may occur.

Instrument panel fuse box

In left-hand drive vehicles, the fuse box is behind the storage compartment in the instrument panel. Open compartment, compress the locking tabs, fold compartment down and remove.

In right-hand drive vehicles, the fuse box is located behind a cover in the glovebox. Open the glovebox and remove the cover.

No. Circuit
1 Infotainment system, Infodisplay
2 Body control unit
3 Body control unit
4 Infotainmentsystem, Info display
5 Infotainment system, Info display
6 Cigarette lighter
7 Power outlet
8 Body control unit
9 Body control unit
10 Body control unit
11 Interior fan
14 Diagnostic connector
15 Airbag
16 Central locking system, tailgate
17 Air conditioning system
18 Transportation fuse
19 Memory
21 Instrument
22 Ignition
23 Body control unit
24 Body control unit
26 Power outlet load compartment

Load compartment fuse box

The fuse box is on the left side of the load compartment behind a cover. Remove the cover.