Opel Meriva A Fuse box

Years of production: 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Opel Automobile GmbH is popularly known as Opel is a German automaker, a subsidiary of French automaker Groupe PSA since 2017. Before that, the company was owned by General Motors which is an American company. Opel is a 158 years old company that was founded in 1862 by Adam Opel. The company has its headquarters located in Russelsheim am Main, Hesse, Germany. They have a total of 10 manufacturing plants. The company markets its vehicles in the UK, Channel Islands, Vauxhall, and the Isle of Man. Opel Meriva is a front-engined and front-wheel-drive five-door range of cars made by the company. Opel Meriva A is the first generation car from the Meriva series.

Opel Meriva A: 2002 to 2010

The production of Opel Meriva A started in 2002 and continued for 8 long years before it came to an end in 2010. It is a first-generation car with a front-engined, front-wheel-drive five-door design. This car could accommodate up to 5 families and be based on the Corsa platform. The company manufactured and continued the Meriva series for up to two generations. The first-generation model is a mini MPV. The official pictures of the car were first released in 2002.

The car features a flexible interior. It had only five seats, divided into two rows. The row of seats could be adjusted according to your comfort. The makers designed the interiors to increase the space inside. In the two-passenger model, the seats were separated from the doors and also from each other. In three-passenger mode, the back seat looked like a regular seat. Initially, the car was launched with three petrol engines and one diesel engine. But later the petrol engines were replaced by more powerful engines for better performance. Opel Meriva A was a memorable car, ten years back. Today, you can spot only a very few of them.

Driver side location

Fuse box is located on the left side, driver side. It applies also to Vauxhall Meriva.


Diagram for Vauxhall/Opel Meriva.

Fuses and the most important circuits they protect.
Fuse box in passenger compartment.
Disengage fuse box cover at bottom and remove.

No. Circuit
1 Central control unit
2 Immobiliser, hazard warning lamps, exterior lighting
3 Headlamp washer system
4 Infotainment system, diesel engine
7 Starter, diesel engine: engine controller
8 Horn
9 Fuel injection system, fuel pump, stationary heater
10 Turn signal lamps
11 Infotainment system, Information display, Infotainment system
12 Heated rear window, exterior mirrors
13 Central locking, anti-theft alarm system
14 Engine control Petrol engine Diesel engine
15 Engine control unit, Z 17 DTH engine
16 Accessory socket, cigarette lighter
18 Adaptive Forward Lighting
19 Central locking system
20 Interior lighting, reading lamp
21 Windscreen washer system
22 Rear electric window
23 Tilt/slide sun roof, skylight roof
24 Anti-theft alarm system
25 Rear window wiper
26 Ignition system, engine electronics
27 Engine control, airbag, ESP
28 Air conditioning system
29 Front left electric window
31 Engine control, Z 17 DTH engine
32 Front right electric window
33 Central control module, immobiliser, control indicators
34 Windscreen wipers
35 Interior lighting, interior mirror, information display
36 Brake light, ABS, ESPÆPlus
37 Cigarette lighter, auxiliary heater
38 Seat heater (left)
39 Seat heater (right)
40 Adaptive Forward Lighting, automatic headlamp range adjustment
41 Reversing lamps
42 Engine cooling, lighting
43 Left parking lamp
44 Right parking lamp
45 Fog tail lamp
46 Fog lamps
47 Towing equipment, accessory socket
48 Diesel filter heater
50 Diesel filter heater
51 Left dipped beam: Xenon headlamp Halogen headlamp
52 Right dipped beam: Xenon headlamp Halogen headlamp
53 Sun roof, electric windows, radio 54 Main beam (left)
55 Main beam (right)

Diagram engine fuses

Fuse box in engine compartment.

The fuse box is at the front left of the engine compartment. Disengage cover of fuse box from lug and lift off. Some circuits may be protected by several fuses.

No. Circuit
1 Interior fan
2 Power steering
4 Easytronic diesel preheating system
5 Heated rear window
6 Engine cooling
7 Starter
8 Engine cooling

Keith 15-08-2018
I have a 2006 vauxhall meriva and the front cigarette lighter does not work. I have located the fuse box but don’t have a diagram wich fuse it is.

Daniel 15-09-2018
Where can I find layout diagram for fuse box

Anthony 20-09-2018
Hi am looking for the high level break light fuse

Dawn 05-11-2018
Every one I’ve looked at has been different. I have the manual and even that’s different

Dylan 19-01-2019
I have 2006 meriva and have trouble opening the tailgate anyone have a idea which fuse it could but thinking it’s more of a broke wire problem

K Kilby cheq 22-01-2019
All fuses car still not starrt

K Kilby cheq 22-01-2019
All fuses car still not start nothing working is there a main fuse wot are the fuses for under passenger seat for

Hadie. 13-02-2019
I have 2006 Vauxhall meriva trying find fuse for boot not open

Hadie. 13-02-2019
I have 2006 Vauxhall meriva trying find fuse for boot not open wher the fuse cant find

Michelle 18-02-2021
Where is the fuse for the radio/CD player?

[email protected] 11-03-2021
I have 2006 Opel meriva rear door (5th door) looked not opening and lights not swithching off

pauline berry 04-05-2021
i have a 2005 vauxhall meriva and my front electric windows wont open . where do i find the fuse box for these and what number fuses do i need to replace

Belinda Gifford 19-07-2021
My boot wont open and my front passenger electric window doesn’t open. Vauxhall meriva 2007

Israel Barajas muñiz 30-08-2021
Yo Tengo una meriva 2004 estándar pero tengo un problemita cuando recorro una distancia corta y la dejo de acelerar pierde las revoluciones y se me apaga aún cundo voy de bajada pero prende rapido y siempre me ase lo mismo alguien que me pueda apoyar con una orientación