Gear shift vibrations on Peugeot 306 ?

More likely to be the clutch itself I’d have thought.

Mine judders a little too, I think it might be due to the slight weep of oil from the crank seal contaminating the friction plate but I haven’t looked into it yet.


Although could be down to my «lack of torque» feel to the car too. andy+katie said that his was slipping, but not really noticeable, until it actually died. Changed the clutch and it flew again.

How long should clutches last for? I Drive it quick don’t get me wrong, but I never do standing starts etc.

Could be slipping slightly I suppose.

Difficult to say how long they should last Chris. It depends how they are treated and what gives up when they eventually fail.

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I’d this problem b4, bother me a lot, finally found out the 4 months Peugeot original spark plugs caused judder when car starts move. (It�s really like clutch slipping)

Now back to normal after replaced new NTK iridium spark plugs.

It’s weird that the Peugeot plugs burn normal.

Try replace a better quality spark plugs first.