How to adjust handbrake on Peugeot 306 ?

In which case it should be self adjusting. If not then you will need to strip the drums off and dismantle and clean the self adjuster (or probably replace as some handfisted idiot has probably already been there and broken the adjusters). The cables should only need adjusting when they are first installed (this is done by removing the centre console and tightening the bolt found under there.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen.

Peugeot 306 — handbrake adjustment — trevs yes sorry i forgot to say it has drum brakes on the rear, thanks mate

Peugeot 306 — handbrake adjustment — thomp1983 id be suprised if the adjusters work properly ive never come across one where they do yet. best bet is to take the drums off and adjust manually until you can just get the drum back on, then adjust at the centre console to get the desired number of clicks

Peugeot 306 — handbrake adjustment — chindu I can confirm what thomp1983 says. Mine needs it doing frequently enough to be annoying — haven’t replaced as there’s no guarantee that it will fix it.
Oddly though it’s only one side that doesn’t adjust, the other works. so far.

Peugeot 306 — handbrake adjustment — Civic8 >>adjust manually until you can just get the drum back on

May need to remove lip on drums to adjust the shoes correctly which will probably bring the handbrake adjustment up anyway

Peugeot 306 — handbrake adjustment — trevs i have taken the little square panell off the centre consul and i cant see any adjustment on the handbrake its self, i will adjust them in the drums tomorrow let you know how i get on lol

Peugeot 306 — handbrake adjustment — autumnboy I’ve always adjusted my Handbrake by first adjusting the brakes. Which can be done through one of the wheel bolt holes and a torch. Its takes some getting used to on how to do it. But you don’t have to keep on removing and refitting the drums, especially if you’ve a lip on the edge of the drum, you’ll never get them properly adjusted.

Once thats done, you should find the adjuster for the Handbrake cable behind the Lever facing the rear seats ( on a ZX its behind the rear ashtray). Put the Handbrake on 2 knotches and adjust till the drum starts to bind and free when the handbrake is released.

Peugeot 306 — handbrake adjustment — trevs many thanks for you kind advice, i took the drums off they were new brake shoes but not adjust properly, all done now and working like new , thanks again trev

Peugeot 306 — handbrake adjustment — hm Trev’s,

Richard is also correct that there is adjustment at the rear of the H.Brake lever itself to compensate for cable stretch.

You need to fully remove the centre consol to gain access. I have not owned a pug for about 2/3 yrs now soooo bear with me.

1. Apply the H.Brake, then pull off the H.brake lever hand (pull it forward towards the gear stick)
2. unclip the gearstick gaiter then undo the two 10mm nuts there.
3. Pop out the rear ash tray (there should be two phillips screws in there too)
4. now you can lift/slide the centre console out forwards/up.
5. at the back of the H.Brake lever you will see the two cable coming in to a single point, this is attached to the threaded bar and a 13mm nut. you can also adjust her here too (you will need a deep 13mm socket)
Hope this helps.

Wish I never got rid of my pug 306 DT, had that car for almost 6 yrs, since then I have had 5 different ones in 2 years.