HELP!! Car battery died, can’t open doors with key.

Help please! My car has been sitting for quite some time and today i tried to unlock the car, but it wouldn’t open. I tried opening it with the key in the keyhole and no luck.

Is there any way i can unlock the doors with now power from the car battery? I tried a jimmy, but that didn’t work. My only other alternative is to stick a clothes hanger through the window and hope it latches onto the door handle.

I also did a search, there was another individual that had the same problem. But he hasn’t posted in over 5 months to give us an update.

If i do get the rear open, where do i connect the positive and negative cables to give the battery some juice?

The last time someone posted this problem, it ended up being a broken lock mechanism in the door and the remote unlock system in «sleep mode.». This might sound condescending but you have to cover all the bases, did you turn the key both ways in the door lock? If so, you will probably have to call a locksmith to open the door for you. As far as jumping the battery to start the car, post here and someone will help you. I haven’t done that!

Good luck and remember to post the outcome!!

I’ve just been through this.

If your fob doesn’t open the door then it’s either timed out or your battery’s dead. If your alarm lights are flashing on your dash then your battery’s likely not dead. You can check your battery by opening the engine lid and putting a voltmeter on the battery terminal in the engine compartment.

To open your engine lid you need to carefully insert a thin blade (like a putty knife) between the top of the left rear lights housing and the bumper. Shine a light through the crack and you should see a thin cable. If you can snag that with a thin piece of wire (I used florist’s wire which is very thin and stiff) you can open your engine lid by pulling on it.

If you’re not deaf after this manoeuvre your battery is dead. Charge it and try the key fob again. If the alarm was on the horn honking will confirm you’re battery isn’t the problem.

You can also try to open the trunk through the right front wheel well by removing the little plugs which hold the wheel liner in place and putting your hand in between the liner and wheel well and finding a similar cable to open the hood. However, if you have 18″ wheels as I do it’ s pretty damn hard to do. I gave up after an hour. The rear lid took 90 seconds.

Anyway, if the battery’s good you could try a search on this forum for key resetting procedures to reset your key fob and try again to open the door with the remote. In my experience that didn’t work with either of my keys, but did give me another hour’s entertainment trying to put the damn keys back together.

Finally, you resort to picking the lock. I’d STRONGLY advise against using a coat hanger. Call your dealer and ask for a locksmith they would recommend. The guy who got me back into my car took about a half an hour and did no damage to the car. But he was extremely careful, experienced and still had a hard time getting in the door through the seal which is very tight and then hooking the door handle to open the door. He was real concerned about breaking the glass as was I. The week before I got locked out of my 911 I was locked out of my F250 at the car wash. The guy there took nearly two hours working on my truck before his hand slipped and the window broke (at which point I asked him why he hadn’t just done that 90 minutes earlier and saved us all a lot of time!). The point is the glass shatters easily when the rod slips.

Once you’re back in the car just take it to your dealer and say goodbye to $600. I hope that you’ve just got a dead battery. Unfortunately, if the battery’s not dead your lock is probably broken.