Peugeot 4008 (2017 year). Instruction — part 8


Stop & Start (Auto Stop & go) system

Going into engine STOP mode

«AS&G» warning lamp comes on in

the instrument panel or the instrument
panel screen and the engine goes into
standby after a few seconds:

with a manual gearbox, with the vehicle
stationary and your foot on the brake, when
you put the gear lever into neutral and
release the clutch pedal.

Never refuel with the engine in StOP
mode; you must switch off the ignition
with the key or the StARt/StOP

When the engine is stopped
automatically, the operation of certain
vehicle systems, such as braking
and power steering for example, are
modified. Take care.

Special cases: STOP mode not

StOP mode is not invoked when:

the driver’s seat belt is not fastened,

the driver’s door is open,

the bonnet is open,

the minimum time period of 30 seconds
since starting the engine has not elapsed,

the vehicle speed has not exceeded 3 mph
(5 km/h) since the last engine start,

the vehicle has restarted less than
10 seconds ago,

the engine is needed to maintain a
comfortable temperature in the passenger

demisting is active,

some special conditions (battery charge,
engine temperature, braking assistance,
exterior temperature, etc.) where the
engine is needed to assure control of a

«AS&G» warning lamp is

flashing in the instrument panel.

This operation is perfectly normal.

the Stop & Start (Auto Stop & go) system puts the engine temporarily into standby during stops in the traffic (red lights, traffic jams, etc.). the engine
restarts automatically as soon as you want to move off. the restart takes place instantly, quickly and silently.
Perfect for urban use, the Stop & Start (Auto Stop & go) system reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions as well as the noise level when

If you move the gear lever, the

warning lamp flashes, accompanied by
an audible signal.
the alert stops as soon as the gear
lever is returned to the neutral position.

When driving, prolonged pressing of the
clutch pedal may cause a malfunction
of the Stop & Start (Auto Stop & go)