HOW TO fit and wire new front speakers (Pics)

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  • Apr 12, 2014
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  • I’ve just completed installing my new Pioneer front speakers and tweeters and thought I would perhaps make things a little easier for people if they are unsure like I was a few days ago..

    I’m not saying that this is THE text book way of doing it but it works for me and take from it what you will.

    This is what I went for.. fairly low end of the market but still good quality over the standard junk.

    — Firstly loosen your door cards as already explained on a different thread on here..

    Torx screws on the following:

    Then pull door card away from the door, might have to use a bit of a lever.. This will give you enough room to work.

    — Undo speaker screws and remove speaker (Torx screws again)

    — Remove OEM speaker housing (3 Torx screws)

    OEM speaker housing with aftermarket comparison

    — Fit the new aftermarket speaker housing and connect the speaker with the OEM block and do a sound test to make sure it works

    — Screw the speaker in place and snap back the door card and replace fixing screws

    — Mirror this with the other door —

    Firstly unclip the fake tweeters either from popping your hand underneath and pushing up or use a tiny flat head screw driver and GENTLY prise from the top (which is what I did for the passenger side)

    You will find the following:

    Plastic gauze and fake tweeter, All we need is the round gauze.

    — Fit your tweeter into the round gauze

    — Feed the wire through the tweeter hole

    Clip the tweeter in place making sure it is flush.

    — Feed the wires through the dash how ever way you see fit and you will end up with wires popping through the bottom by your footwells.. Direct them towards the back of your stereo unit (can be a pain!)

    — Do the same for the opposite side —

    — Once both tweeter wires are through to the rear of your stereo location then you can wire them up to your loom.

    ** My pioneer lume was the following**

    — Grey — Front right pos/neg
    — White — Front left pos/neg

    So I just used but connectors to connect pos/neg to the front speaker cables

    As I wasn’t installing Crossover boxes this was apparently the way to wire tweeters up? They work so. 😆

    — Once wires are connected then give a quick test and replace head unit


    Hope this helps people a little bit as I was a bit confused on how to wire up the tweeters before..