Thread: Key stuck in fuel cap

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  • Key stuck in fuel cap

    My key goes into lock, turns, opens, no problem

    Close the lock then try to get the key out. Problem, it sticks and is a right faff to pull out.

    Any suggestions re a fix or, ideally, does anyone sell a non locking fuel cap?

    Try a good quality lock cleaner. The experts say do not use WD40

    Sounds like the springs are binding you could try a silicone spray but depending on how old the lock is it could be the springs are rusting through

    Take the key out before you close the fuel cap.

    Recommended as an «excellent independant» in Ride magazine 2009.

    Thanks for the advice chaps. Have tried spraying lock and the key slips in lovely — it just doesn’t want to come out lol

    Will try taking it out when it’s unlocked as suggested by Steptoe and see how I get on

    I leave the key in the filler cap while fuelling. Then it’s there to close the flap without forcing the catch and I’m unlikely accidentally leave the key on the bike when I go to pay.

    There is a specific lock lubricant out there that contains graphite rather than oil ..

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    There is a specific lock lubricant out there that contains graphite rather than oil ..

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    There is a specific lock lubricant out there that contains graphite rather than oil ..

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    This is the stuff, or at least one brand you could try . VFX7B6W9M1HAGC

    Definitely no WD40 or other tempting concoctions as residues will build up into a sticky mess & attract dirt inside the lock cylinder. Indeed, this may be the root cause of the issue if used previously

    Plus 1 for Graphite. That goes for most locks.

    My Fuel tank lock is a bit of a struggle to unlock and close.
    Not the nice smooth working mechanism it should be.
    Having seen the comments, is there an easy way to remove the lock barrel, strip it and reassemble clean.

    Mine became sticky (!?) so I used bicycle chain lube with graphite, problem solved.
    Same went for Sat-Nav lock.

    Steptoe comes to the rescue again !

    Rub a pencil on your key each week.

    Dip your key in the expensive dry lube you bought after reading the worn driveshaft thread.

    Stalker Alert ! Lol — what’s a drive shaft ??

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