Pulling to the Left

Mark Anorak


Not a political preference for Mr. Corbyn but my 3 week old 2.Zero has a slight but definite pull to the left on a flat, straight road.

At first I wasn’t certain if I was imagining it (it’s surprisingly difficult to find a completely flat, straight road — and I live in the Cambridgeshire Fens!) but I’m not.

Spoke to my supplying dealership’s sage 14 year old sales «advisor» who initially suggested it could be a safety feature «to avoid the car veering into oncoming traffic» and then, quickly sensing my scepticism, reverted to warning me that I could have it looked at by their workshop but that if no fault was found I may be charged for the labour time.

Before I embark on another saga of communications with less-than-interested staff members (I’ve lost several hours of my time on the planet trying to get my sat nav maps updated, as some other forum members have been promised) has anyone else noticed similar behaviour? From their car, not their dealership.




I’m not crazy, the attack has begun.

A couple of basic things to think about first;-

Find yourself a straight and empty road with a typical camber on it, early in the morning, whatever, and drive on the right.

If it then pulls to the right then it is more camber-sensitive than you are used to, but not defective.

Cars vary in their sensitivity to camber, you might have gone from one that is insensitive, to one that is more sensitive to it.

Also check your tyre pressures.

Leo Moran


Mark, I find it unbelievable that a garage would charge you for checking a defect. Regardless of whether they find it or not you have reported a very serious defect with the steering. If you continue to drive the vehicle without it being attended to then you are committing an offence of driving a vehicle with defective steering. and the additional offence of Dangerous Driving. Apart from that the car should be under warranty and should be checked for free. Even Halfords and Kwik Fit will do a free safety check for you. I think if you talk to the «14 yr old’s» elder brother you may find they won’t charge you.

As for the pulling to the left I too have had some hints of the steering being a little odd, not dangerous in my part as it doesn’t actually pull one way or the other but with all the automatic controls you never know. With Pro Pilot on, as stated above, it tries to pull the car to the centre of the lane I’m travelling in where-as I normally like to travel more to the offside white line or 2/3rds of the lane instead of 1/2. On top of that there’s lane assist which brakes when you get too close to the white line and pulls away from the line. but when that occurs the steering wheel vibrates as well. It could be you have an imbalance in the brakes and if the cruise control tries to slow you down, could pull more to one side. Equally it could be the tracking is out, tyre pressures not correct or quite a few other problems, either way it should have been checked.

Dan Robinson


Mark Anorak


Thanks for your replies people. I should have added a bit more detail;

This happens with the electronic steering and braking aids turned off, which is most of the time. Pro Pilot does its job perfectly and keeps the car straight and centrally in the lane.

I did try the opposite camber thing and it either went in a straight line or still very gradually veered left, leading me to believe it is definitely an alignment issue of some sort.

Tyre pressures (incredibly) were all at 37 psi on collection day and are still all the same (pressure varies with temperature of course). I’ve checked with a pressure gauge as well as the onboard TPMS.

I’ve owned 55 cars in my 31 years of driving and a couple of the earlier ones had automatic left turn tendencies. I had a particularly curved chassis on a Capri that would only go in a straight line with the front left tyre inflated to about 8 psi more than the right one. Not the ideal fix. Tyre tread didn’t last very long.

I’m hoping it’s just the tracking that needs adjusting. As I said it is only a slight pull but enough to require small, constant steering pressure to the right to negate.

Unfortunately my experience with the dealer so far hasn’t instilled me with any confidence in them and I’m fully expecting the «they all do that» line of response. I suppose I could ask to test drive their demonstrator again on the same stretch of road as mine — just to satisfy myself that they don’t all do that.

Although you guys have already told me that.