Kit headlights Renault Talisman in the family (2016 — present) — ZesfOr®

Pack headlights Renault Talisman in the family (2016 — present) of various colors, choose yours: yellow, retro, and white standard. Change the aesthetic of your car with warranty ZesfOr®. Ideal to replace the lights of short, long, antinieblas and turning. Recommended product. Kit of 2 units.

Customer Questions and Answers


Lights short and long-Renault Talisman in the family (2016 — present)

Replaces the headlights of your Renault Talisman in the family (2016 — present) for these brand ZesfOr® of 55 W. Also called the lights of short. These bulbs are compatible with lights antinieblas, crossing, turning and road. The same as your conventional light bulbs, but in a different shade. Same brightness.

Note: light of road is the same as headlights and headlight is the same thing that lights long.

How do we know that a reference to choose?

We have available various references lights for your car:

  • H7
  • H1
  • H4
  • H11
  • HB4/9006
  • HB3/9005
  • HIR2/9012
  • H3
  • H27
  • H9
  • H15
  • H8

Available in three colors to choose from:

  • Bluevision: warm white color.
  • Retro effect: yellow color retro.
  • Standard: the whole life!

Recommendations on the use of the lights to cross (short) and road (long):

We have available three colors. Put one or the other is a matter of taste, but we’d like to be able to make a number of recommendations:

  1. If we want to improve the aesthetics of the car: in this case we will post the bluevision as his tone warm white is very comfortable to the eye and are very good. They are very used to replace the lights of long, short, cross and antinieblas. Also valid for turn signals. Recommended.
  2. If we want to improve the light in circumstances of much fog: in this case we’ll put the lights yellow retro. The color of the light has a great influence on the visibility in adverse weather conditions and in the case of the fog, the more yellow the better. We also use these bulbs for concentrations as the effect retro is trendy.
  3. If you do not want to change our lights we will put standard bulbs that are as of a lifetime but of good quality.

Install lights crossing and road Renault Talisman in the family (2016 — present):

‘ll only have to replace a bulb on the other. To do this first, then lights, and then we will proceed to change it. We will try to touch as little as possible to the glass of the bulb to not disrupt. We do not recommend going to a workshop, but if you see it’s complicated don’t you think, how come a time and you change it!

To know if our car carries a reference or another, we will look at the manual. If you can’t find him we can also look at the lighthouse itself, in the same light bulb will come engraved with the model which is, or but the lighthouse itself usually come the references. There are references that visually resemble, but are not supported. We have to be 100×100 sure that the reference is to our. If you have any questions contact us.

Do you already know which headlights you’ll install in your Renault Talisman in the family (2016 — present)? Any doubt contact us.