Speedometer stopped working

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  • Nov 9, 2014
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  • This morning I turned on my car and after few minutes I realised speedometer display is not working. No speed, fuel or odometer (error, blinker and other icons and light icons are still working). Also cruise control is not working, night panel lightning and warning sounds (blinker clicking, no seatbealt error sound etc.).

    I checked the fuses but they are all ok. What could it be?


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    • Nov 10, 2014
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  • I only have the diagram for my car, not LHD model. However, your issue has similarities to our common fault (car wont start, fuse pulled, fixed issue) but, you have different systems affected but your wiring is probably different too

    Firstly, try disconnecting the battery incase it is the UCH needing reset. That’s the simple fix for us
    Check the fuses ontop on the battery positive terminal. Make sure the 60A Midi fuse isn’t blown (I doubt it will be as you have dashboard lights) and the nuts are tight.
    Check the fuses in the engine bay fuse box. You will need a Torx bit to remove the cover.


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    • Nov 10, 2014
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  • I’ve disconnected the battery, checked its fuses and engine bay fuses and they are all ok. But still no luck.

    Just to be clear: car is running normally, ABS and ESP are working, lights, radio etc. all is working. Only multifunction display (speed, fuel, odometer), sound warnings (blinker clicking, driving with no seatbelt, driving with engaged handbrake. ), night panel lightning and cruise control are not working.


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    • Nov 10, 2014
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  • ive just had a look at the diagrams to trace things. Although, bear in mind this is from a RHD motor, so yours may be different ***.

    The Dropbox in-browser viewer seems to mess up the diagrams and take ages to do anything. Open the link, then use the download button (top right) and select direct download. Open with your prefered PDF viewer

    The speedo assembly is fed from two feeds. One permanent live and one ignition switched live. I suspect one of these two supplies may be missing, so lets try and find out where its going astray :s

    Speedo Permanent live is fed from passenger fusebox *F12 (5Amp) fuse, which is also one of the feeds for the Body computer UCH.
    Speedo Switched live is fed from passenger compartment *F8 (15Amp) fuse, which also feeds Transponder Ring and the Body computer UCH.

    Unless you already used a multimeter, double check fuses F8 and F12 with a multimeter for continuity between the blades of the fuse.

    With the fuses still removed, Use a multimeter with the black lead to chassis ground or battery negative, and use the red lead to check for +12V on one side of the fuse holders. The other side of each fuse holder will be what goes to the speedo so only one side will be live.
    Permanent live for Fuse holder F12
    Ignition switched live for Fuse holder F8

    Being one of the easier connectors to get to, lift off the cover above the speedo (it lifts straight upwards).
    Disconnect the connector on the rear of the speedo.
    Put the fuses back in and check for voltage:-
    Permanent +12V on the red wire (*Pin28)
    Ignition switched live 12V on the yellow wire (*Pin21) with the ignition switch in normal running position.