Which oil for renault megane 2 is better. Engine oil for Renault Megane

Renault Megane 2 — popular french car having a good reputation both in Europe and in Russia. The machine is in high demand due to its reliability and quality details. The engine range for Renault Megane 2 is quite extensive, and each of the engines requires separate maintenance. For example, the manufacturer recommends filling in certain types of oil, which will be discussed in this article.

The second generation Renault Megane initially entered the market with 1.4 and 1.6 liter 16-valve engines. You need to fill them with oil in the same amount:

  • 1.4 K4J 100 HP with. — oil volume 4.8 liters
  • 1.6 K4M 115 HP with. — oil volume 4.8 liters
    For more powerful motors more oil required:
  • 2.0 A4K / Turbo / Turbo RS (power respectively 135, 163 and 225 hp) — oil volume 5.4 liters
    Next, let’s pay attention to the amount of oil to be charged for diesel engines:
  • 1.5 K9K86 106 HP with. — 4.5 liters
  • 1.9 F9Q 115-130 HP with. — 4.8 liters

Renault has set clear guidelines for purchasing suitable oil, or before starting to replace it.

  • Elf Evolution SXR 5W-30 — synthetic oil for everyone gasoline engines as well as a 1.5-liter diesel engine
  • Elf Solaris RNX 5W-30 — for a diesel 1.9-liter engine


Synthetic oil sales consultants can recommend OE alternatives. For example, among famous brands there is Castrol, Shell and others. They can be purchased, but only subject to the parameters specified in the manual. Renault operation Megane 2.

Changing the oil in the engine of the Renault Megan 2 car is one of the operations in the process of technical inspection Vehicle. Every car owner is obliged to consider the need for regular technical inspections. A certain amount of lubricant will be required to replace it in each machine. It is recommended to use Castrol TXT Softec Plus 5W-30, but each owner will somehow have to decide on the choice of engine oil on their own, taking into account their own desires.

Oil viscosity

The main quality of any engine oil is the viscosity level and the range of possible operating temperatures. These characteristics are reflected in the internationally accepted SAE classification. According to this classification, each engine oil belongs to summer, winter and all-season lubricants. Products used winter time of the year is marked with the symbol W.
The oil poured into the Renault Megan 2 engine 1.6 has an operating range, which can be determined as follows:
SAE 50 — lubricating fluid used at a maximum operating temperature of +50 C °;
SAE 5W winter liquid, used at a temperature of at least -30 C °. 35 C ° is subtracted from the figure indicated in the marking;
SAE 10W-40 multigrade lubricants that maintain an optimal viscosity in the temperature range from -25 ° C to 40 ° C.
It should be borne in mind that for different motors the permissible viscosity range of lubricants is different. This is due to the properties of the hydraulic resistance of the moving elements of the motor, as well as other individual factors.

What is the best engine oil to use?

Each owner of Renault Megan 2 will have to figure it out with this question. What kind of oil to fill in and how much fluid a car engine requires is not as difficult to determine as it seems at first glance. Today, many products and brands are available to customers. When choosing a suitable variety, it is recommended to first study all the available information contained in a special book that comes with each machine. Any engine oil belongs to one type or another, as determined by the SAE classification.
By composition, oil for Renault Megan 2 is divided into the following subgroups:
1. Mineral lubricant is made from gray oil through distillation and refining. This product is endowed with maximum level viscosity, and it is necessary to operate it only on aging vehicles. Such grease will not leak through the seals and multiple gaskets. The oil can very quickly lose its beneficial qualities due to huge amount foreign materials with which the liquid is mixed during processing. Mineral lubricants are considered the most readily available on modern market due to the low cost.
2. Semisynthetics, unlike mineral-based liquids, include in their composition a certain amount of useful additives, which contributes to an increase in performance characteristics. Price semi-synthetic oil slightly higher than the price of a mineral-based liquid.
3. Synthetics are manufactured using chemical synthesis technology. One of the main distinctive qualities for synthetic fluids is increased fluidity. This circumstance excludes the possibility of using such a lubricant in outdated motors. However, this type of engine oil is characterized by frost resistance, preservation useful properties in conditions elevated temperatures. Synthetic motor oil for Renault Megan is more expensive and can last longer.

Changing lubricants

For a Renault car engine, the use of an all-season lubricant is optimal. Oil change «Megan 2» can be carried out using the products of the manufacturer ELF, but it is not necessary to adhere to this recommendation. The suitability of products is determined only by the viscosity class and the list of substances that make up their composition. Vehicle owners can mix different varieties lubricants.

Changing the oil in the Renault Megan 2 engine is not much different from a similar procedure performed for other vehicles manufactured by different manufacturers. The order of actions performed can be described as follows:
Oil change «Renault Megan» begins with warming up the engine to working temperature. When the engine is warm enough, you need to wait a while for the oil to cool down.
After that, you need to find a suitable container into which the used lubricant will be drained. An old, cut-off plastic canister is great for this.

To drain the fluid, unscrew the cap on the motor crater. First of all, you need to unscrew the plug with a wrench, having previously installed a prepared container for draining the spent liquid.

Unscrew oil filter special key
After that, the characteristics of the old oil are assessed and the degree of its contamination is determined. After checking, the need for filling is determined special liquid for flushing. After that, fresh grease is poured into the motor, installed new filter and Renault Megan oil change is considered fully completed.

Before installing, fill the Renault oil filter with oil and lubricate the seal around it.
At what interval are lubricants changed?
It is recommended to change the oil in Renault Megan 2 approximately every 10-15000 km of run. It should be borne in mind that this figure is set by the manufacturer under optimal operating conditions. The worse these conditions are, the earlier it is recommended to resolve the issue of fluid replacement.

Oil filter

When changing the oil for Renault Megan 2, it is imperative to install a new filtering device. When will such a procedure be carried out in special car service, then the filter update is always included in the list of provided services. It’s hard to believe, but today some drivers do not understand why this is necessary.
If the oil filter is too dirty during operation of the motor, it can be assumed that the machine is running without it. Oil does not flow into the cleaner. When the oil changes. The filter must also be changed, because during normal operation, it will be clogged after overcoming 10,000 km. This circumstance often leads to the opening of the valve, which is responsible for the bypass capacity, and the liquid will be directed without cleaning to the rubbing vapors of the Renault Megan car engine. Oil changes when operating under these conditions will need to be done much more frequently.

The owners of the popular Renault Megane car are well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of this car. Thanks to the simple design of this model, you can perform maintenance on your own — for example, you can change the oil in the engine yourself. But this simple procedure is preceded by much more difficult task- the choice of the oil itself. In addition, you need to know the volume of the liquid to be poured, as well as best brands and parameters to them. There are indeed a lot of these theoretical information, but the main ones can be distinguished.

There is a certain frequency, which for Renault Megane is about 30 thousand kilometers. However, an oil change may be required earlier than this date set by the manufacturer. For example, the fluid change interval will have to be shortened if the fluid begins to emit a specific odor, contains metal shavings and has dark brown. All these signs indicate traces of mechanical wear, which usually appear when high mileage. In such cases, it is impossible to delay the oil change, otherwise you may encounter the following problems:

  • Lack of power, the engine is unable to operate at high revs
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Fuzzy engagement of gears, the transition to the next speed is accompanied by a noticeable delay
  • Poor cooling of engine components due to the fact that the oil has lost its useful properties
  • Motor components constantly overheat and fail prematurely

How to check the condition of the oil

To determine whether the oil really needs to be replaced with a fresher one, for this it is necessary to check the fluid level using a dipstick. So, if the level is insufficient, then you will have to add some oil. But if the above signs are found (black color, burning smell, metal shavings) one addition fresh butter will not be enough.

Oil selection by parameters and brands

The French concern Renault-Nissan advises using for Megane original lubricant Elf Evolution 900 5W / 40 or Elf NF 5W-40.
As for analogues, the following products can be distinguished here: Castrol Plus 5W-30, Mannol Elite 5W-40, as well as Total and Mobile 1.

Optimal viscosity characteristics oils for Renault Megane — SAE 5W-30 or SAE 5W-40. Thus, when choosing a brand, one should proceed from these parameters.

How much to fill

  • 1.4 K4J 16kl — 4.8 l
  • 1.6 K4M 16kl — 4.8l
  • 2.0 F4R 16kl — 5.4l
  • 1.5 K9K dCi — 4.5 L
  • 1.9 F9Q dCi with counter particulate filter- 4.8 l

Oil types

  • Synthetic is the best motor oil available today. It is characterized by a high degree of fluidity, and also has outstanding anti-corrosion and non-stick properties. In addition, synthetics perfectly resist low temperatures, and almost never freezes in winter. Synthetics are suitable for both summer and winter climates
  • Semi-synthetic — alternative synthetic oil. Recommended for Renault Megane with high mileage
  • Mineral is the cheapest oil. Only suitable for high mileage vehicles.

Thus, we can conclude that for Renault Megane the best option there will be synthetics or semi-synthetics.

First generation Renault Megane appeared in 1995. The model was produced in hatchback, sedan, station wagon, coupe and convertible body versions and was equipped with petrol naturally aspirated engines with a volume of 1.4 — 2.0 liters with a capacity of up to 150 hp. and 1.9-liter diesel engines. In the second and third generations, turbocharged gasoline modifications appeared, including sports version Megan RS, which reached 275 hp, as well as new diesel engines 1.5 dCi and 2.0 dCi. In 2015, the fourth generation Renault Megane was introduced.

What kind of oil to fill in Renault Megane depends on the year of manufacture and the modification of the car.


As an engine oil for Renault Megane 2 1.6 and 2.0 petrol, it is recommended to use synthetic technology ELF oil EVOLUTION 900 SXR 5W30. It meets the tolerance automaker Renault RN 0700 and has excellent protective performance. This oil for Renault Megane 2 1.6 protects the engine from wear and deposits in the most difficult operating conditions, such as city ​​traffic in start-stop mode, sporty driving and cold start. The increased fluidity of ELF EVOLUTION 900 SXR 5W30 reduces viscous friction between parts and reduces fuel consumption, while antioxidant properties guarantee effective protection when using this oil in a Renault Megane 2 1.6 engine for the entire service interval prescribed by the manufacturer.


High quality synthetic engine oil ELF EVOLUTION 900 SXR 5W40 meets the requirements of ACEA A3 / B4, Renault RN 0700 and RN 0710. The automaker recommends it as an oil for Renault Megane 3 with gasoline and diesel engines except for vehicles equipped with a particulate filter (DPF). It guarantees maximum protection of the engine, especially the gas distribution system, in all driving conditions, including extreme ones. Special additives in ELF EVOLUTION 900 SXR 5W40 keep the engine clean, and excellent thermal and oxidative stability makes it possible to use this oil in the Renault Megane 3 engine with extended drain intervals (in accordance with the recommendations of the automaker).


Fully synthetic motor oil ELF EVOLUTION 900 FT 0W40 has Renault approvals RN 0700 / RN 0710, and thanks to winter class viscosity 0W, characterized by increased low-temperature fluidity. It is recommended to use this oil in Renault Megane engines, which are operated in cold climates: it guarantees a confident engine start in any weather. The outstanding protective properties of ELF EVOLUTION 900 FT 0W40 prolong the life of the engine, and the oxidative stability of this oil for Renault Megane maintains its characteristics during the entire period between replacements.


Engine oil with reduced sulphated ash content ELF EVOLUTION FULL-TECH FE 5W30 is designed for diesel cars meeting modern environmental requirements. It can be used as an oil for Renault Megane 2 and 3 diesel, which are equipped with a particulate filter: Low SAPS technology ensures its efficiency and long service life. In addition, ELF EVOLUTION FULL-TECH FE 5W30 guarantees reliable long-term engine protection against wear and harmful deposits. Independently tested by ACEA, it reduces fuel consumption by 2.1% compared to conventional oil, resulting in lower operating costs when used in Renault Megane 2.

Using the selection service on our website, you can choose oil for Renault Megane of various versions.

What kind of oil to pour into Renault engine Megane depending on modification:

  • Renault Megane I 1.4 C64 / B64 / L64 / E64 (1995-2001)
  • Renault Megane I 1.4 16V C64 / B64 / L64 / E64 (1999-2002)
  • Renault Megane I 1.6 C64 / B64 / L64 / E64 (1995-1999)
  • Renault Megane I 1.6 16V C64 / B64 / L64 / E64 (1999-2002)
  • Renault Megane I 1.8 16V C64 / B64 / L64 / E64 (2001-2002)
  • Renault Megane I 2.0 C64 / B64 / L64 / E64 (1995-2000)
  • Renault Megane I 2.0 16V C64 / B64 / L64 / E64 (1995-1998)
  • Renault Megane I 2.0 16V ide C64 / B64 / L64 / E64 (1999-2002)
  • Renault Megane II 1.4 16V C84 / B84 / L84 / K84 (2002-2008)
  • Renault Megane II 1.6 16V C84 / B84 / L84 / K84 (2002-2008)
  • Renault Megane II 2.0 16V C84 / B84 / L84 / K84 (2002-2008)
  • Renault Megane I 1.9 D C64 / B64 / L64 / E64 (1995-2000)

Timely maintenance is essential to prolong the life of your Renault Megane. And so that the parts of the iron horse do not wear out quickly and serve as long as possible, you need to check and correctly change and monitor its condition in a timely manner.

Subtleties of choice

There is a certain systematization by level operational properties oils — API and viscosity — SAE. According to the first, in the second generation Renault Megane until 2003, you need to use the liquid marked on the SL packaging, and from 2004 to the present — SM or SN. For replacement, it is recommended to choose the latter, since it is they that give best performance engine in operation.

Oil viscosity for Renault Megane 2 should be selected in connection with its mileage. So, if your Renault is with a new engine, or its mileage is:

  • less than 25% (for 100% we take 300,000 km), that is, up to 75,000 km of run from the planned resource, then SAE 5W30 or 10W30 lubricant is poured all year round.
  • 25-75% mileage (75,000 — 225,000 km): SAE 10W40 or 15W40 — in summer; 5W30 or 10W30 — in winter.
  • more than 75% (more than 225,000 mileage): summer — SAE 15W40 and 20W40; winter — SAE 5W40 and SAE 10W40.

It’s easier not to bother and use SAE 5W40 all-season with a mileage of 50,000 km or more. The difference in viscosity is minimal, so there will be no damage to the Renault car.

The production company itself Renault cars strongly recommends using trade mark ELF. The price is not always equal to the quality, but in in this case this scheme just works. Take a lubricant from top manufacturers for Renault, in addition to ELFa, this is Castrol, Liqui MOLY and the like.

If you cannot afford an expensive oil product for Renault Megan, then do not take little-known brands, even if they have average price and sellers convince you of their imaginary good qualities. If you are taking Megan from the standard class, then let these brands be on your hearing — these include Lukoil, Gazpromneft, Mobil, etc. These are already proven brands.

The frequency of replacement depends on several factors: the conditions under which the trips are made, how many kilometers, and how you drive — calmly, smoothly increasing and decreasing the speed, or you have to drive in heavy traffic with frequent, possibly abrupt, stops. And also you need to take into account the natural aging of the fluid. Its replacement with Megan should be done at least once every six months or every 8-10,000 kilometers.

Oil change process

Consult a mechanic to flush out the motor if changing from one manufacturer to another. (How many flushing fluid required, etc.)

How to check the level

It is advisable to check for cold motor so that content from engine compartment glass in the pallet and the measurement was accurate. First you need to pull out the dipstick, wipe it with a dry, clean cloth. Then lower it all the way back to where you took it out and get it out. Check — the level should be between the two marks.

The very first time you pull out the dipstick, you can tell a lot about the quality of the fluid you are testing. If it is golden and transparent, then there is no cause for concern. If it is already brown and already practically opaque, then it will soon have to be changed. If the liquid is very dark, almost black and completely opaque, then it is urgent to change it. Well, similarly, if the liquid is filled at a level below min marks on the dipstick, top up as needed.

Take care of your Renault Megane, do maintenance and oil changes on time, this will save you from serious financial costs and global problems with the car.