Bob Menery Net Worth | Ripper Magoo Podcast

Net Worth: $84 Million
Real Name: Bob Menery
Born: June 10, 1987
Age: 34 years old
Height: 5ft & 8in / 1.72m
Astrological Sign: Gemini ♊
Home Town: Massachusetts, United States
Most Famous For: Ripper Magoo Podcast
Last Updated: 2021

How Bob Manery Built His Net Worth From Sportscasting On YouTube

Bob Menery is only 32 years old, but he is already one of the most famous Instagramers, and one of the most profitable. Born in Massachusetts, the comedian spent four years in LA trying to make it as an actor, when it turned out his real talent was his voice.

Bob started posting videos online featuring his comedic sportscaster’s voice doing satirical play-by-plays of well-known sports. The antics worked because he has over 1.8 million followers on his Instagram which has placed him at the top of the Instagram rankings and helped him accumulate a net worth of around $84 million. He says that Joe Buck and Jim Nantz inspired his sportscaster’s voice, and he has always been a fan of sports which has helped him develop his well-timed parodies.

Bob Menery Net Worth | Ripper Magoo Podcast

Ironically, before he took off on Instagram Bob was a caddie at the LA Wilshire Country Club where he often held the clubs of some famous athletes. Notably, he was a caddy for Aaron Rodges on numerous occasions.

While Bob Menery is not the most famous person on Instagram, he is the richest Instagram star to hail from Massachusetts and he is still ranked near the top of the most popular Instagram stars based on followers.

While he is still an Instagram star and not a famous sportscaster (yet), his well-known profile garnished him an invitation to call a game of indoor football for the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles which was no doubt like a dream come true for him. Today he has over 2.2 million followers so it is likely that his exposure will continue to grow and one day he might just land a job as a real sportscaster, although it may not pay as well as his Instagram career does.

Bob Menery Net Worth | Ripper Magoo Podcast

In addition to Instagram, Bob Menery also did a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial which earned him a tidy paycheck that helped him build his net worth. In the commercial, Bob announces that it’s playoff season and that it’s time to have some wings and drink a beer with your friends.

Recently BRAVO Pay announced that Bob Menery is going to join their team as a strategic advisor. It’s unclear whether he will be on screen or offscreen, but the recent move seems to indicate that Bob Menery is finally finding his place in Hollywood. It may not be the way he thought he would break-in, but it sure beats sleeping in his car which is how he spent many nights before giving up and moving back to Massachusetts. It was just a few short weeks after the move that he went viral and started his new career.