Dave Portnoy Net Worth | Sports and Sexy Ladies


Dave Portnoy rose to fame steadily but surely and today is a noted sports celebrity and blogger. Dave’s unorthodox approach to celebrity and sometimes outspoken viewpoints have helped drive his publicity. He is most known for being the creator of Barstool Sports, an online sports blog that has evolved to include Dave’s viewpoint on popular cultural trends as well. Dave’s hard work and willingness to adapt to market conditions have helped him accumulate his net worth of $125 million.

From Paper Boy to Multi-Millionaire

Dave Portnoy Net Worth | Sports and Sexy Ladies

Dave Portnoy’s net worth did not result from one life-changing event, instead if came from decades of work. Believe it or not, Barstool Sports actually started out as a small newspaper in Boston that Dave would hand out to commuters at the T stops on his own. He would spend his nights working on the paper, and then have a copy ready to go in the morning.

The Backbone of Barstool Sports

Dave Portnoy Net Worth | Sports and Sexy Ladies

Over time his print publication grew and he was able to grow his circulation across the Boston metro area. The paper earned profits from gaming ads and attracted commuters who were happy to sit down and read a combination of sports recaps and fantasy sports predictions. After four years of passing out the paper, Dave decided to move towards the digital world of publishing after noting that is where the audience was shifting to as well. In 2007 he launched the website and grew it into a viral sensation with staying power over the next decade. Today Barstool Sports is one of the largest sports media publications online.

The Creation of The Bro Show

Dave Portnoy Net Worth | Sports and Sexy Ladies

Dave built a great deal of his net worth around his frat-boy persona, and it is a celebrity personality that has served him well. Barstool Sports is a combination of sports and sexy ladies, a combination that seems to attract his audience just fine. His outlandish content and fresh approach to sports reporting is what made Barstools excel, so he took that same approach and turned it into an internet show that performed just as well.

Called the Bro Show, the show essentially features Dave and his friends attending sports around the world and getting themselves into trouble. Ironically, the sports usually played a backseat to the gangs’ antics, which is why it is not surprising that the show morphed into a new show called the Rundown. On the Rundown Dave and hosts sit around and joke about life and current affairs in their usual cloyish manner.

What is Dave Up to Now?

Dave Portnoy Net Worth | Sports and Sexy Ladies

Over the past decade, Dave has sold a great deal of his Barstool Sports shares, which is one reason why Dave Portnoy’s net income is so high. However, this has freed him to work on videos, build his social media profile, and have fun on the Rundown with his friends all of which seem to work for him just fine.