Eddie 'The Beast' Hall Net Worth (2020)

Net Worth: $35 Million
Real Name: Edward Stephen Hall
Born: January 15, 1988
Age: 33 years old
Height: 6ft & 3in / 1.9m
Astrological Sign: Capricorn ♑
Home Town: Newcastle-under-Lyme, United Kingdom
Most Famous For: Strong Man
Last Updated: 2021

What Is Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall’s Net Worth?

Eddie Hall doesn’t have a typical athletic resume. But he’s done OK, based on the size of his wallet. Eddie is worth a cool $35 million.

How Eddie Hall Became «The Beast»

Eddie 'The Beast' Hall Net Worth (2020)

Eddie participated in athletics as a teenager. He played rugby and, believe it or not, he was a successful competitive swimmer. Keep in mind, this was before he began serious lifting. Eddie liked athletics but not school. He began getting into trouble until he was expelled from high school at age 15. Eddie did some home study, but he couldn’t get into academics the way he got into sports.

He kicked around for five years before getting a job as a mechanic. Oddly, this opened the door for Eddie to begin training as a body builder. When he wasn’t working on cars he was at the gym, working on his body. This work led him to strongman competitions, with his first competitive event at the Iceman Gym in Stoke-on-Trent. Eddie’s performance at the Iceman Gym got him a slot in the 2010 England’s Strongest Man competition when another competitor had to drop out due to injury. Eddie made the most of the opportunity. He won the competition and «The Beast» was born.

Lifting Iron led Eddie to a Pile of Gold

Eddie 'The Beast' Hall Net Worth (2020)

Eddie didn’t waste time after winning the 2010 competition. He won 2011’s UK Strongest Man competition, although he suffered an injury that kept him sidelined for one year. His title in 2011 was the first of six consecutive wins in the UK event. The prize money began to pile up.

Eddie entered his first international competition in 2012, Giants Live in Australia (Giants Live is the qualifying tour that leads up to the World’s Strongest Man competition). The Beast placed fourth in Australia. He qualified for the World’s Strongest Man (WSM) event in 2012 but didn’t make it to the finals. Eddie has the same result in the 2013 WSM event. All the while, prize money and sponsorship money began to pad his bank account, making his net worth grow to $35 million dollars.

The Beast broke through in 2014, reaching the WSM finals for the first time, finishing sixth. 2014 and 2015 were big years for Eddie. He set his first world record in 2015 at the Arnold Classic in Australia with a dead lift of 1,019 pounds. (Yes, the Arnold Classic is promoted by and named for Arnold Schwarzenegger.) The Beast broke his own world record later in 2015 at the World Deadlift Championships, with a lift of 1,021 pounds. Eddie also improved at the 2015 WSM event, placing fourth.

The Beast continued his improvement at the WSM event in 2016, placing third. He also continued to improve on his deadlift world record in 2016. In July, he extended the record to 1,102 pounds. This led to his performance in the 2017 WSM event.

Eddie won the 2017 event and was crowned the World’s Strongest Man. He then announced he would no longer compete in WSM events. His last title came in 2018 as Britain’s Strongest Man.

The Beast’s Genetics

Eddie 'The Beast' Hall Net Worth (2020)

Eddie claimed in 2017 that he has a genetic mutation known as myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy. This is rare condition that results in reduced body fat and increased muscle size. Persons affected by this mutation can have up to twice the normal amount of muscle mass and increased muscle strength. Eddie says his condition was discovered in a genetic analysis.

Eddie Cranks up the Money Machine

Eddie 'The Beast' Hall Net Worth (2020)

The Beast made good money during his competitive lifting career with prize money and a long list of sponsors. Eddie also began posting on YouTube in 2011. Today he has over one million subscribers and his videos have over 117,000,000 views. It’s estimated that Eddie makes over $5,000 a day just on YouTube.

He continues to have sponsorship deals with clothing companies, fitness companies, and, perhaps best of all for Eddie, Blakeman’s Sausages! He even opened Blakeman’s new plant by pulling the first production load from the facility.

Eddie has also appeared in two motion pictures, including Transformers: The Last Knight, and has been appearing on television since 2012, both as a commentator and a performer.

Eddie Hall’s Wife and Family

Eddie 'The Beast' Hall Net Worth (2020)

Eddie Hall is married and has two children, a boy, and a girl. His wife’s name is Alexandra and she has pledged her support to a charity that helps people with neurological conditions. Eddie’s son is Maximus Hall, his daughter is Layla Hall.

Eddie will feature his family in some of his YouTube postings. For example, one showed Eddie and Alexandra swapping their diets for a day. The Beast had his wife’s 1200 calories; Alexandra tried to eat Eddie’s 8000 daily calories.

Eddie «The Beast» Hall is living proof that you can become a multi-millionaire without graduating from high school. You can if you can deadlift 1,102 pounds.