Jacksepticeye Net Worth | How To Become A YouTube Gaming Innovator

Net Worth: $20 Million
Real Name: Seán William McLoughlin
Born: February 7, 1990
Age: 31 years old
Height: 5ft & 10in / 1.78m
Astrological Sign: Aquarius ♒
Home Town: Ballycumber, Ireland
Most Famous For: Vlogs and Let’s Play Comedy
Last Updated: 2021

The internet allows talented people from all over the globe to strut their stuff and show the world what they can do. JackSepticEye is a popular gamer with sky-high statistics when it comes to his YouTube views!

JackSepticEye was born Sean McLoughlin on the emerald isle in Cloghan, Co Offaly, Ireland but resides in southern England. McLoughlin (JackSeptic Eye) is one of the most popular YouTube channels when it comes to gaming.

How JackSepticEye YouTube Channel Built His Net Worth

Jacksepticeye Net Worth | How To Become A YouTube Gaming Innovator

JacksepticEye’s net worth is an estimated $20 million as of 2020. His income comes from his yearly YouTube Revenue throughout the past eight years and from merchandise and sponsorships both of which continue to grow exponentially.

During the 2018 fiscal year, Forbes assumes Sean made $16 million. A generous portion of his money is from his clothing and merchandise investments, touring, and brand endorsements.

According to Socialblade, he earns $540,000 roughly every month from just the advertising sales on YouTube. YouTube stars make money on their viewed content and an educated guess is that he makes about $6 Million from this revenue stream.

The Personal Life of JackSepticEye

Jacksepticeye Net Worth | How To Become A YouTube Gaming Innovator

Seán William McLoughlin was born in February 1990 in Athlone, Ireland. You might be wondering where his nickname of JackSepticEye originated? The ‘Jack’ portion of his alias came from a childhood nickname common to boys named

The remainder of his stage name ‘SepticEye’ derives from a childhood accident when he was playing football and suffered from a deeply painful eye injury. Unfortunately, his friends began calling him ‘SepticEye’ due to the pus and fluid draining from the injury to his eye.

In high school, Sean was in a heavy metal band and decided to pursue a degree in Music Technology but dropped out due to a lack of interest. He returned to college to earn a degree in Hotel Management which was a more pragmatic decision. Little did he know that he would not need it.

YouTube Fame

Jacksepticeye Net Worth | How To Become A YouTube Gaming Innovator

YouTube began transmitting services in 2005. Two years later, JackSepticEye created his channel. However, the content was sparse until 2012 when he began to faithfully post videos.

Sean’s YouTube fame began to rise when he started sharing funny videos about new video games. His laugh-out-loud comedy sketches about video game characters (like his early video of a ‘Solid Snake Impression) which garnered plenty of attention and soon developed into a massive following.

Jack’s enormous following became one of YouTube’s larges channels. Other Instagram stars (like PewDiePie who acknowledged Sean after he won a competition) helped advance his unique type of humor by further expanding his subscribership.

YouTube is an innovator when it comes to a platform made specifically for gamers, the gameplay of video games, and was an easy way to share gaming competitions with audiences.

However, Jacksepticeye’s popularity and his ability to diversify his interests and his ability to share gaming content of a wide spectrum of game genres and offered tips and brought in audiences with a myriad of interests.

Talk About Animated

Jacksepticeye Net Worth | How To Become A YouTube Gaming Innovator

Sean’s prolific content related to videogames expanded as his brand did. JackSepticEye started sharing videos that featured animated stories, and hilarious reaction videos.

His career continued to grow with incorporating a commentary channel focused on gaming which spawned a convenient network for his audience to connect, interact, and further his involvement in the gaming industry.

Jacksepticeye is one of the top 100 most subscribed and watched channels on YouTube. His statistics are jaw-dropping and go back nearly eight years. His videos have been watched billions of times by more than 23 million subscribers!

Drama on YouTube.

Jacksepticeye Net Worth | How To Become A YouTube Gaming Innovator

There was some unrest on Jacksepticeye’s channel. The controversy erupted after Sean made a comment about PewDiePie’s relationship with YouTube.

PewDiePie resented this criticism because he felt as he’d contributed Sean’s success. The feud ended the long time friendship between the two YouTube stars which also translated into a tension between their respective fans as well.

JackSepticEye Kindness

Jacksepticeye Net Worth | How To Become A YouTube Gaming Innovator

JackSepticEye has used his fame to help many different charities. He has a big heart and a bigger bank balance and this prosperity has led him to donate over a million dollars to causes that are close to his heart.

Sean participated in the ‘How The Light Get’s In Festival’ that brought together a myriad of gifted musicians and philosophers where they push the abilities of the human mind and heart.

Cloak Clothing Brand

Jacksepticeye Net Worth | How To Become A YouTube Gaming Innovator

It pays off to diversify your income and to invest in less traditional ways of making money. Jack’s YouTube and gaming fame allowed him to collaborate with Markiplier in producing their own fashion line called, ‘Cloak Clothing.’

The luxury apparel brand boasts their items of clothing are both comfortable and fashionable. Cloak Clothing specializes in hoodies, T-shirts, and accessories for a diverse range of body types.

Sean continues his philanthropic work with Cloak Clothing by supporting ‘The Trevor Project.’ The Trevor Project is an American non-profit which aims to prevent LGBTQ suicides.

Cloak Clothing often supports charities with special discounts to benefit their good work like the Pride Drop which donated ten percent of all proceeds to The Trevor Project.

Income from Collaborations

Jacksepticeye Net Worth | How To Become A YouTube Gaming Innovator

Sean is a regular collaborator. In fact, his willingness and ability to collaborate is a significant part of the reason he’s as famous as he is today. In the recent past, JackSeptic Eye has worked with gaming and comedy brands that help grow and engage his audience.

A high profile example of his ability to work as a team is his new project with Google. Sean is creating content for their new Stadia Cloud Gaming Product.

Gaming offers players a multitude of worlds to explore and skills to develop. Sean McLoughlin is one of the first extremely popular YouTube channels that focused singularly on games and the gaming community.

Taking a Stab at Standup

Jacksepticeye Net Worth | How To Become A YouTube Gaming Innovator

Sean McLoughlin has made a name for himself as an acclaimed stand-up comedian. He’s been described as «an impassioned and uniquely brilliant talent» by The List and has also been mentioned by Time Out as»the best comedian you haven’t heard of.»

Sean performs on many tours throughout the United Kingdom backing up Ricky Gervais on his ‘Humanity’ tour. Sean has also opened for comedy greats like Bill Burr at the Royal Albert Hall, and Katherine Ryan and Doug Stanhope.

Beside his Vlog, you might spot Sean Mcloughlin on Stand-Up Central, Comedy Central At The Comedy Store and the Fronted series for Vice. McLoughlin has been involved with Kevin Hart’s LOL Network at the Just For Laughs Festival. He even had a tiny role on the Netflix show ‘After Life’

Sean McLoughlin is regularly touring in the United Kingdom, Europe, and North America all of which contribute to his accumulative wealth.