Jay Critch Net Worth | New York City Street Rapper

Net Worth: $5 Million
Real Name: Jason Critchlow
Born: February 25, 1997
Age: 24 years old
Height: 6ft & 3in / 1.9m
Astrological Sign: Pisces ♓
Home Town: Clinton Hill, New York, United States
Most Famous For: Song «Ego»
Last Updated: 2021

Jay Critch, nee Jason Critchlow, was born in Brooklyn on February 25, 1997. His earliest influences were Lil Wayne and Jay-Z, both of whom inspired his tastes and set him for life as an artist from a young age. Jay was inspired by the street rappers of New York and he enjoyed listening to them on his free time.

But nothing does it like sibling influence. Jay spent hours hearing his older brother rap. In fact, his brother’s interest in the genre, coupled with his work ethic and enthusiasm, were the cornerstones of his own interest. As a teen, he began collaborating with influences such as Rowdy Rebel and Rich the Kid, the latter of whom signed him onto his first major label.

Jay Critch Net Worth | New York City Street Rapper

Jay Critch began writing his own rhymes by the time he reached high school. His big break occurred in 2018 when he released Hood Favorite, a twelve-song compilation which put his name on the map and into the charts.

His earnings rose from a meager $1 million to $5 million and counting. He has certainly risen to stardom in a short amount of time. To this date, his YouTube channel boasts at least 17,000 subscribers, most of which have appeared to support his music to this day.

Jay Critch has one older brother and one younger sister, which puts him right in the middle of the sibling hierarchy. Not much is known about his early family life, but it appears that he has enjoyed a very strong bond with his brother.

Jay Critch Net Worth | New York City Street Rapper

Prior to recording, Critch started storing his tracks using the SoundCloud app in 2016. He was able to save most of his beloved music files for later publication. As he has moved up the financial and social ladder, Critch appears to remember his urban roots as a New York City street rapper, and he’s not inclined to forget them. At least not anytime soon.

Jay Critch apparently has more motives behind making the music he loves. In fact, he was recently quoted as saying that he hopes that listening to his music will inspire and motivate others to do great things. His philosophy is that he wishes to be surrounded by others who have that urban energy and the drive to do, not just sit around and rap for the sheer sake of it.

Jay Critch Net Worth | New York City Street Rapper

Jay also has a strong passion for writing, and that’s another reason behind his success. Due to the thoughtful nature of his lyrics and compositions, he has been the master of his own success. He understands that the true power of music is to spark a feeling of joy and excitement along with other emotions. Moving the rap scene from the criminal element and into the mainstream appear to be two of his top goals, and exerting positive influence on his generation will extend beyond the boundaries of New York City.