Linus Sebastian Net Worth | How Much Money Is In Tech Reviews ?

Net Worth: $2.2 Million
Real Name: Linus Gabriel Sebastian
Born: August 20, 1986
Age: 35 years old
Height: 5ft & 7in / 1.7m
Astrological Sign: Leo ♌
Home Town: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Most Famous For: YouTube Channel
Last Updated: 2021

Canadian Youtube star Linus Sebastian began with tech review videos across three channels. Over the years he has gained millions of viewers and a reputation as one of the savviest creators in tech-based content. His net worth is around $2.2 million, based on his Youtube revenue as well as what he earns as the CEO of Linus Media Group.

Unlike many influencers and online creators, Linus Sebastian was not prepared to coast on his initial popularity. He continually honed his content and evolved his brand until he could branch out and start his own media-based company. He has worked hard to become one of the most respected people in tech-based content creation online.

Family Man

Linus Sebastian Net Worth | How Much Money Is In Tech Reviews ?

Since 2011 Linus Sebastian has been married to his longtime love interest. They have three children together, who they are very private about. Though he has made a career of being in the public eye, he keeps his family away from the limelight. He does, however, share about his two cats, Rumble and Rocket, through his personal Youtube series, «Linus Cat Tips».

A Solid Foundation

Linus Sebastian Net Worth | How Much Money Is In Tech Reviews ?

In 2013 Linus Sebastian, along with Brandon Lee, Luke Lafreniere, and Edzel Yago, founded the Linus Media Group. They began producing quality tech-based content, including «Linus Tech Tips», which was ranked as the 5th Most Watched Science and Technology channel on Youtube at one point. This was followed by «Techquickie», «The Linus Tech Tips», Channel Super Fun, and regular build logs and product reviews.

Up and Coming Mogul Status

Linus Sebastian Net Worth | How Much Money Is In Tech Reviews ?

Over the years Linus Sebastian has become known for his insightful and intelligent tech reviews, personable content, and business-savvy. He has turned a job of content creation into a career in media, producing well-reviewed and well-received tech videos. He has joined with other future leaders in the business to start a company that has quickly become known for its high-quality content. It has led him to be known by casual fans as well as those in the tech industry. Inc Magazine even named him 4th on the list of «Top 30 Power Players in Tech».