NELK Net Worth (2020) | YouTube Pranksters Making Bank

Net Worth: $5 Million
Real Name: Kyle Forgeard
Born: July, 12, 1994
Age: 27 years old
Height: 5ft & 5in / 1.64m
Astrological Sign: Cancer ♋
Home Town: Mississauga, Canada
Most Famous For: YouTube Videos
Last Updated: 2021

What Is NELK’s Net Worth?

It has been nearly 20 years since the Jackass series on MTV launched and as the internet grew so did the opportunities for similar pranksters to gain popularity and wealth. Enter NELK, Kyle Forgeard, Niko, and Marko Martinovic began their YouTube careers with NELKFilmz which began in 2010. During the next year, the group gained popularity and started to earn advertising revenue. NELK invited new members: Jesse Sebastiani and Lucas Gasparini.

The Trouble with the Law

NELK Net Worth (2020) | YouTube Pranksters Making Bank

These young men have been arrested multiple times. In Ohio, during November of 2018, Jesse Sebastiani was charged and found guilty of disorderly conduct while filming a prank for their channel.

Before he was arrested Sebastiani apologized to the police officers which included seven officers, multiple cruisers, and substantial cost to the jurisdiction.

Luckily, the judge suspended Jesse’s fine and court costs because he viewed the charge as a «humourous act.» There’s a popular video of the entire fiasco on YouTube.

They have also been barred from entering Russia. They were detained in August of 2019 in Germany while trying to travel to Russia. NELK’s popularity backfired when they tried to spread their special type of humor internationally.

YouTube Fame

NELK Net Worth (2020) | YouTube Pranksters Making Bank

The NELK channel boasts almost 5 million subscribers with 750 million views! NELK experts estimate that the channel generates about 700,000 views daily. This level of traffic earns nearly $4000 every day which amounts to $1.3 million on an annual basis.

These Toronto, Canada natives are paid for the advertising seen on their channel. YouTube charges each channel a percentage of their revenue.

These payments per views are impacted by many different elements: the device used to view the video, audience location, ad inventory, the number of ads on a video if the audience skips the ads, the varying types of content and advertisements, ad engagement, and even the content’s genre determine how much the channel earns.

Did you know that the worth of an ad view is based on an auction between advertisers based on viewing statistics? Advertisers can bid as low as one cent per view.

Google Preferred is another program where wealthy corporations utilize the top five percent of the most viewed YouTube content. While these ad rates are higher than normal they also get a deep discount in comparison to traditional television advertising rates

Apart from advertising-income, NELK also generates revenue from paid YouTube subscribers who fork over a monthly fee to view the latest NELK pranks and antics. These premium content projects don’t usually have advertisements but the creators are paid for how long people watch the video. The longer the audience watches the content means a bigger paycheck for these mischievous Canadians.

NELK Members Net Worth

NELK Net Worth (2020) | YouTube Pranksters Making Bank

Kyle Forgeard is just 25 years old and already a very popular YouTube star. He was born in Mississauga, Canada, and was one of the founding members of NELK. His estimated net worth is between one and five million dollars.

Jesse Sebastiani is a couple of years younger than Kyle Forgeard, but he’s also a Canadian. He was born in Greater Sudbury, Canada, and is worth an estimated $5 million.

Niko and Marko Martinovic do not often share their private details with the world wide web but experts suggest they both have similar net worths and annual incomes as the other NELK members: Jesse Sebastiani and Kyle Foregeard.

Keep the Merchandising Rights!

NELK Net Worth (2020) | YouTube Pranksters Making Bank

While the exact numbers are not available to the public, it is a common belief (via Reddit) that the NELK members are making a substantial income from selling their merchandise. Full Send by NELK Boys sells everything from hoodies, hats, and luggage to supplements.

Yes, supplements. It’s unsure whether or not these supplements are for health purposes or for other less wholesome reasons. Regardless of the purpose of these products, they are highly popular. A few of the products sold out within minutes.

The Future of Physical Comedy and Pranks

NELK Net Worth (2020) | YouTube Pranksters Making Bank

If there is one thing that the NELK Boys, Jackass, and even Mr. Bean to an extent tell us about society is that there is still a demand for physical comedy. The immense competition on the internet makes potential comedians put themselves in harm’s way and often times on the wrong side of the law.

Hopefully, the NELK Boys are being prudent about their incomes and investing in comprehensive medical plans and knowledgeable attorneys. The NELK Boys’ seven-figure incomes seem like a lot to more humble earners, but legal and medical woes can easily rack up sky-high expenses.

NELK BOYS Net Worth in a Nutshell

NELK Net Worth (2020) | YouTube Pranksters Making Bank

These wealthy comedians are all in their early twenties with several decades of potential work, videos, and revenue growth. Hopefully, their early success is a foreshadowing of an entertainment empire on the precipice of greatness.

  • Kyle Forgeard is worth an estimated one to five million US dollars.
  • Jesse Sebastiani has earned between $1,000,000 to $5,000,000.
  • The twin brothers, Niko and Marko Martinovic, share similar incomes to Jesse Sebastiani and Kyle Forgeard at an approximate $1 million to $5 million.

As the NELK Boys YouTube subscribers increase they will attract higher-paying clients wanting to advertise on their videoes and to their specific viewers. These young entrepreneurs are well on their way to comedic and physical comedy success. If that fails, they can always rely on their lucrative merchandising business.