Don't Get Ripped Off By These Used Car Dealerships Tactics

Used car dealerships train their salesmen to use these tactics to maximum profit. Find out how not to get ripped off by used car dealerships.Used Car Dealerships TacticsCar dealerships are in the business of selling cars so it makes sense that they will do all they can to make the...

How To Get Into The $10,000,000 JP Morgan Reserve Credit Card Club

The JP Morgan Reserve Credit Card is one of the most exclusive cards you can get. Find out how the ultra-rich benefit from these types of Credit Cards.Certain criteria need to be met for you to become eligible to get the JP Morgan Reserve credit card. Getting the invitation to...

What Are The Biggest Jackpot Lottery Winner Doing Now?

Imagine you just baught the winning lottery ticket. Your now a multi-millionaire! Would you do a better job than these lotto winners at spending your money?Coming into a large sum of money suddenly is many people's dream scenario. Or is it? Former jackpot winners may agree or disagree depending on...

Lucky Discoveries That Made People EXTREMELY Wealthy

Getting rich isn't easy, but for a lucky few they somehow stumbled upon hidden treasure. Here are the top 10 lucky discoveries that got people rich.Getting rich isn't always easy. Some are born into it, some work hard, and some use their talents in investing. Then some got lucky. Here...

Insane Things 9 Rappers Purchased: Stupid or Genius?

Have a ton of money and no idea what to do with it? Take some inspiration from these rappers who know how to buy expensive crazy stuff.What do you when you have hip hop money burning a hole in your pocket? These rappers will show you how to get rid...
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