Prettyboyfredo Net Worth | NBA2k Gamer Becomes A Millionaire

Net Worth: $1 Million
Real Name: Alfredo Villa
Born: August 20, 1993
Age: 28 years old
Height: 5ft & 11in / 1.8m
Astrological Sign: Leo ♌
Home Town: Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Most Famous For: Nba 2K Videos
Last Updated: 2021

How Prettyboyfredo’s Earned A Million Dollar Net Worth From Gaming

Prettyboyfredo is a YouTube star who made his name and money by videotaping his NBA2k gaming and pranks with his girlfriend. While the premise may seem simple, Prettyboyfredo built his following by appealing to other gamers who enjoyed watching him play. Before too long he had millions of followers and he continued to build his brand by moving onto Twitch and posting gaming videos as well. While Prettyboyfredo did not mean to earn a living off YouTube, he discovered its potential and wisely built on it and is now estimated to have a net worth of about one million dollars.

In real life, Prettyboyfredo is Alfredo Villa, a 25-year-old gamer who lives in Palm Beach, Florida. As mentioned, Villa did not mean to become a YouTube sensation, but when he found out that he had an audience on social media he decided to take advantage of it. Today he has over 3 million Twitch subscribers and 2.5 million YouTube subscribers. In addition, he has a separate channel that he posts videos to along with his girlfriend and also has an active Instagram and Twitter account. Given a lot of his videos are centered around NBA2k gaming, his biggest following and largest money-making social networks continue to be YouTube and Twitch.

One of the reasons that Prettyboyfredo has watched his popularity skyrocket is because of his humble attitude. Whereas a lot of YouTube stars brag constantly, Villa had a rough life in his early years and he stays humble about where he is now. In fact, he often makes jokes about himself and pays it forward by offering giveaway opportunities to his fans. He posts regular vlogs that mix together challenges, video gaming, pranks, and just whatever he happens to be thinking about on that day. Fans also love his prank videos, and his most viewed video is one in which his girlfriend tosses his PS4 in the pool.

As mentioned, Prettyboyfredo did not have an easy life. According to Villa, his mother was a drug addict and his father was an illegal immigrant who abandoned both Villa and his sister. His sister and he ended up in foster care and it took them a long time to feel supported by anyone who took them in. The end result was that Villa and his sister became very close and made it by remaining optimistic. Better things were coming, they just had to keep waiting.

Villa was a student at the University of Central Florida when he started posting online videos. At first, it was just for fun, but as his audience started to rise after his first NBA 2K15 video Prettyboyfredo realized that his channel held a lot of possibilities. He started working hard to create quality material and the rest is history.