Sada Baby Net Worth

Net Worth: $600 Thousand
Real Name: Casada Sorrell
Born: November 17, 1992
Age: 29 years old
Height: 6ft & 2in / 1.87m
Astrological Sign: Scorpio ♏
Home Town: Detroit, Michigan, United States
Most Famous For: Skuba Sada 2
Last Updated: 2021

Sada Baby: Many Trades, Many Names

Sada Baby, nee Casada Aaron Sorrell, was born in Detroit on November 17, 1992. Through the years, he has adopted many nicknames, one being Skuba Steve, whic he still uses to this day on occasion. His other name is his current one, and that is Sada Baby.

Sada Baby Net Worth

Perhaps what was most striking about his early life was the actual origin of his musical interest. From the tender age of nine, Sada Baby began singing in his church choir, which lasted from then until the time he moved with his family to the Washington, DC area for one year. It was then that he turned to more urban styles, and his formative years were in full swing.

Family of Origin vs. Family of Choice

Sada Baby Net Worth

Sada Baby did not exactly share a tight-knit bond with his father’s family. Not much has been revealed as to the real reason for this lack of bonding, so it’s assumed that he simply never really got acquainted with that branch of his family tree. What was most striking about his immediate family was the rumor that he had a younger half-brother, but there is nothing to this day that fully corroborates that claim.

It is noted, however, that he formed a tight bond with several of his cousins, all of whom he viewed as being the equivalent of his brothers and sister. A fire was it under him when he discovered that one of his beloved cousins had the most awe-inspiring voice he had ever heard, and, as a child, Sada Baby spent hours listening to his cousin sing. It was then that Sada Baby discovered the family music genes and developed a voice of his own.

Sada Baby vs Eminem: Professional Jealousy?

Sada Baby Net Worth

Sada Baby showed his style and true colors when he began his earliest stab at freelancing. He began experimenting with his vocals and even sang just as a hobby. He continued listening to other rap artists and groups from the Detroit area, and it was within this vast, urban landscape that he finally found his true calling. In the 2010s, he sealed the deal and began to seriously record several of his tracks.

In 2019, Sada Baby experienced two episodes of professional jealousy with two different artists. One was with Tee Grizzley, an artist he collaborated with in his days with the Grizzley Gang. The other involved the infamous rap legend Eminem, whom he felt had garnered too much fame as a Top 5 artist. This led to a quarrel between Bizarre, a former bandmate of Eminem’s, and Sada Baby himself. Bizarre asserted Eminem’s right to that honor, and nothing further was mentioned of the incident.

Exploring Other Genres: A Vast Array

Sada Baby Net Worth

Some of Sada Baby’s earliest influences ranged from artists such as Pastor Troy and Street Lordz. Other beloved artists included Lil Jon and Gucci Mane. His playlist continues to expand, and he has worked with reputable acts such as Hardwork Jig, where he lent his vocals on the single «Wave Shot.»

It was that very guest appearance which put his name on the map. Sada Baby then produced many one-hit singles, some of which included «Stacy» and «Sticks and Stones.» His greatest hit to date is «Bloxk Party,» a collaboration with the infamous Drego, whose work on «Recipe 2» showcased a star pupil gone bad.