Sis Vs Bro: Net Worth and the Most Interesting Facts About Them

Net Worth: $20 Million
Real Name: Karina Kurzawa
Born: March 23, 2007
Age: 14 years old
Height: 4ft / 1.21m
Astrological Sign: Aries ♈
Home Town: Canada
Most Famous For: YouTube Channel
Last Updated: 2021

Sis vs. Bro: Their Net Worth

Thanks to their myriad collection of YouTube videos, this dynamic brother and system duo now enjoys a whopping fortune of over $20 million and counting. This young pair targets an audience of elementary to school-age children. They make content that is informative, entertaining, and downright funny.

They not only have their main channel but have raked in profits from RonaldOMG and GamerGirl, both of which represent topics based on online gaming, a popular subject that has taken the internet by storm in recent years.

Brother and Sister: Family Background and Early Career

Sis Vs Bro: Net Worth and the Most Interesting Facts About Them

Their real names are Karina and Ronald. The family goes under the surname Kurzawa but does not publicize a real one for security reasons.

The pair come from a strong Polish background. Their father, Freddy, is known for his cameos in their DIY home videos. He sometimes brings along his wife, their mother, and their younger sister.

Freddy is best known for his cameos where the siblings often exert healthy rivalry in various scenes such as the vlog where Karina sets up a home Starbucks franchise. Freddy obviously plays the young father who comes with their infant sister in tow to place two drink orders, one in which he is clearly dissatisfied and demands a refund. She rebuffs him by informing him that there is a «no refund» policy.

Camera Shy Mom?

Sis Vs Bro: Net Worth and the Most Interesting Facts About Them

Although the mother does enjoy occasional vlog appearances, she is seldom seen ever making an appearance on any of the sets. This has led to rumors that she may be camera shy, or that she may not show as much interest as the rest of the family. The viewing public has speculated that she could have chosen to act as a camera person and director. Either way, it appears she has not lost interest in the early careers of her children as reality vlog stars.

Baby Makes Three

Sis Vs Bro: Net Worth and the Most Interesting Facts About Them

Perhaps the most heartwarming moment came when the siblings heard that they would soon be welcoming a new member of the family. Aria came into this world on July 2, 2019. The news was featured in a vlog show titled «Our Mom is Pregnant!» in which big sister Karina was seen weeping with joy as Ronald remained confused, as he didn’t quite know what to do with the feelings coursing inside of him. Mother and baby were showered with love and gifts straight from Karina’s «mystery box.» Most of these gifts included baby clothes for the newest member of the family.

Other Flavorful Facts

Although the pair are said to have been from Ontario, they mostly live in Spain, where they are both enrolled in the Sotogrande International School. Like most of their European peers, they enjoy Nutella as a snack.

However, Nutella is as healthy as they will get, and this is especially true of Ronald, who enjoys a steady diet of macaroni and cheese, along with popcorn and caramel ice cream. Their pastime is playing music, with Karina on the piano and Ronald playing the guitar.