Tesla's Secret Plan Is Working


You hear a lot about Tesla in general and Elon Musk in particular. Some of it good, some of it bad. But what is his secret plan?

A good first step is to get yourself some facts about Tesla. That’s going to take you to an excellent ten-minute report from a content provider called Solving the Money Problem. And it will give you a healthy dose of facts.

Who Is Solving The Money Problem At Tesla?

You’ve likely not heard of Solving the Money Problem. It joined YouTube way back in November 2019, just as this year’s clearance sales of Halloween stuff were ending. It was created by Steven Mark Ryan (@stevenmarkryan on all providers), who is a self-described obsessive when it comes to investing. Steven (which is how he refers to himself) says he began investing in his 20s and now, at 31, is financially independent. Awesome.

Steven’s report on Tesla is credible because it’s full of facts. It’s not like many of these financial videos that are full of opinion, supposition and high-grade BS. Steven has taken the time to look at Tesla’s original Master Plan and grade it out. He’s then done the same with Master Plan Deux. It’s not a puff piece but a straight-forward look at what Tesla has accomplished since the original Master Plan was released in 2006.

What you won’t see in the video is a biographical short on Elon Musk. Steven’s video is focused on Tesla, the company, not Tesla, Elon Musk’s company.

As to the video, it had 275,000 views in its first eight days on YouTube. Steven’s presentation is conversational, and his writing makes the subject matter interesting. Which is hard to do with finance. (Yes, I’m speaking from experience.) He seems to have gotten the message that YouTube viewers are three times more likely to watch a video that relates to a viewer’s interest.

Now That We Know About Steven, What About Tesla?

The primary message in the video is that Tesla is doing exactly what they said they would do in their original Master Plan and in Master Plan Deux. Each plan lists four objectives for the company.

The original Master Plan centered on the automotive component of the company. This was where Tesla would generate the revenue to grow the company and to fund non-automotive projects. The original Master Plan detailed the introduction of the Roadster, the sales of which would fund the manufacturing and marketing of the Model S, which in turn would fund the creation and sales of the Model 3, which is the electronic vehicle (EV) known as The Even More Affordable Car. The fourth objective in the original Plan was to provide zero emission electric power generation options, otherwise known as solar power. Tesla’s plan to integrate energy generation and storage is remarkable. Steven’s video explains it well.

Master Plan Deux seems as daunting as the original did in 2006. The goals in Deux are to create solar roof panels that will seemlessly integrate with battery storage, expand the EV product line to address all major segments (that means mass transit), develop a self-driving capability that’s ten times safer than human drivers, and enable your vehicle to make money for you when you’re not driving it. At first glance, it seems a little unrealistic, right? Watch Steven’s video. You’ll likely rethink your position once you’ve seen Steven’s presentation of the facts.

Back To You, Steven…

Mark Twain is quoted as saying «Get your facts first. Then you can distort them as much as you please.» The beauty of Solving the Money Problem’s presentation is that there’s no distortion of the facts, no hype. This is a straight-up, factual look at Tesla from Musk’s «leak» of the original Master Plan in 2006 through the company’s performance in 2019.

If you’re looking for financial information presented in the self-important style of cable news channels such as CNN, Fox, CNBC or MSNBC, don’t bother watching this video. Steven’s writing and conversational style makes the video seem as if he created it just for you. Enjoy.