The Rise & Fall of Birdman's Net Worth

Net Worth: $80 Million
Real Name: Bryan Christopher Williams
Born: February 15, 1969
Age: 52 years old
Height: 5ft & 11in / 1.8m
Astrological Sign: Aquarius ♒
Home Town: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Most Famous For: Priceless (2009)
Last Updated: 2021

The most commercially viable hip-hop label is Cash Money Records with over 50 million records sold. During their most lucrative period, Cash Money Records earned an estimated $100 million in one calendar year.

«I try to wear $1 million a day. At least.» — Birdman

Together Birdman and his brother Slim built an empire. In the 1990’s they noticed the increasing popularity of bounce rap which is a sub-genre of hip-hop that was thriving in the New Orleans club scene. Birdman formed their record label, ‘Cash Money Records.’

The Rise & Fall of Birdman's Net Worth

At a local block party in 1995 fortunes changed big time for Birdman and Lil’ Slim when they heard 12-year-old Dwayne Carter rap. Shortly after, Carter signed on to Cash Money Records as the youngest artist on the label and eventually became the most successful artist produced by the brand, Carter is known by his stage name Lil’ Wayne.

Early Life For Birdman

The Rise & Fall of Birdman's Net Worth

Birdman (Bryan Christopher Brooks) was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on February 15, 1969. He didn’t have a name for nearly a month and the nickname ‘Baby’ stuck with him until today.

Birdman’s nest wasn’t a comfortable one in the early years. His mother died when he was five leaving him and his siblings (Kim, Ronald, and Ray) in the care of his uncle in Prince George, British Columbia which lasted a few years before the kids were placed in the New Orleans foster care system. Soon after, their father spent years in a legal war trying to get custody of his children. Part of the issue was the absence of their dad’s signature on their birth certificates.

What Is Birdman’s Net Worth?

The Rise & Fall of Birdman's Net Worth

Birdman is worth an estimated 100 million dollars. He earned this money partially when Cash Money Records signed a $30 million distribution deal with Universal Music before a single track was laid down.

In 2004, Lil Wayne brought worldwide success to Cash Money Records with the critically acclaimed album ‘Tha Carter.’ Wayne was the primary artist of Cash Money Records allowing Birdman to explore his creative side resulting in several profitable album releases.

«One of my motivations in life is to be a billionaire.» — Birdman

More profits came when Lil Wayne and Birdman collaborated on the album, ‘Like Father, Like Son.’ The title reached number 3 on the Billboard 200 and was followed by two, hit singles, ‘Leather So Soft and Stuntin’ Like My Daddy. In 2009, Birdman released his fourth studio album ‘Priceless’ which debuted on the Billboard 200 at Number thirty-three, selling nearly 50,000 copies during the week it was released.

Birdman’s House & Real Estate

The Rise & Fall of Birdman's Net Worth

Money might not be as abundant for Birdman as we think. Hurricane Katrina badly damaged his investment properties, expensive cars, and other assets. Birdman has had his enormous Florida mansion on the market since 2017 and just recently reduced the cost by over a third. The property is 20,000 square feet located in the Palm Island gated community in Miami. The home has a golden toilet, a six-car garage, two wine cellars, two pools, and 100-feet of canal frontage!

Inside Birdman’s Multi Car Garage

The Rise & Fall of Birdman's Net Worth

Birdman grew up in poverty and his wealth created scenarios where he claimed that he bought over 100 new cars every six months and gave the used cars to loved ones. Birdman has owned many different types of luxury vehicles but he tends to buy Ferraris and Maybach brand cars.

«I just love cars; I’ve been like that since I was a kid. It’s an infatuation because we grew up poor. Cars was something we were always trying to get.» — Birdman

Vacations Birdman Style!

The Rise & Fall of Birdman's Net Worth

It’s doubtful Birdman will be off on any glamorous jaunts to exotic locales. Instead, he’s spent a lot of his time in civil courtrooms over business disputes with Lil’ Wayne and J. Prince. He has been seen handing out Turkeys in Atlanta and hiking through Stone Mountain National Park.